Human Biology Some Startling Aids Facts.

Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by junior_smith, Sep 16, 2004.

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    now this may just be me, but when i heard these facts it took be by complete suprise. i knew a lot of people were dying of aids but i did not know how many.

    right now there are 35 million people infected with AIDS, that is more than the population of canada.

    EVERY SINGLE DAY 8,500 people die of AIDS that is close to 3, count them 3 september 11ths a DAY.

    that works out to 1 death every ten seconds.

    people say terrorism I the biggest issue we face, or global warming. i say we stopr worrying about the danger that might come and focus on the danger on our doorstep
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    some more facts,

    in parts of south africa and surrounding areas, the medicine men say that to cure AIDS all you have to do is have sex with a baby,

    and countless babues are raped by men to cure themselves of the disease
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    actually i heard about after watching a documentery on prince harry and how he was working in Lesothso and he was holding this emotionless baby who had been raped only weeks before.

    i dont think there was anybody who watched it without a tear in their eye.
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    i really wish some more people would reply to this, i see this as the biggest issue of our time that is almost completely ignored. and you may see litle commercials for it and anelson mandela concert for it but, terrorism clouds the real horror of AIDS.

    so i wish someone would reply
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    I wrote a big long reply but hit the wrong button and erased it . bummed ...

    Running out the door for work , but will give a response later . You are right , this does need addressing , and I have a few thoughts as to why it has not been .

    See ya later , here's a bump to the top....
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    Im sry no one has replied, myself i have not because i wasnt sure what you wanted this thread to form into. A list of other startling AIDs facts or did you want us to discuss the solution to AIDs or why there is not as much media coverage.

    Ill try to answer all of them. Things are not sterlized much in Africa, the area where much of the disease is located. I have heard of accounts where little children walk barefoot in trash piles, looking for things to resell, the same trash heaps where IV needles are dumped. A single #@!&% from an infected needle could give the child the disease.

    Soultion. If people over here gave a rats behind to whats happening over there, we could help prevent the spread of this disease. Basically, we would need to edcuate the infected about the disease (not the technical legistics of it, but how it spreads and whatnot), then test everyone. Expensive i know, but if you could get them to follow your instructions (i.e. If you have this disease, do not have sex with anyone-unless they are infected as well, or have children) and stress prevention, prevention, prevention. Give children other jobs to do, or provide their families with enough money so that the child doesnt have to spend his/her time digging in trash heaps and could maybe get an education(including knowledge of diseases and prevention to spread on to future generations)

    As for media, I believe the cameras go where the money is, and there isnt much in Africa to go searching after. And media covers everything important, so OBVIOUSLY AIDs in Africa is not important </sarcasm>. As you said so yourself Junior, you did not even realize some of this was going on until you saw it on TV (you said documentry, so im guessin that means TV, could be wrong though). To help stop it, the biggest two factions are Prevention and Awareness. and not just awareness by the friends and families of infected persons, but by the countries that can actually do something about it.


    P.S. oddtodd, i learned from your mistake in posting, and my post is currently "Cntl+C"ed, so here goes! *clicks post reply*
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    AIDS is terrible, however

    Malaria is horrible also. More people are infected with it over an extremely large area and its not partiuclarly treatable.

    Potentially, it could actually be killing as many people as aids, which, using the daily figure you give, kills 3,102,500 people each year. Pretty astounding no? It doesn't really get as much attention as aids/hiv either, prolly because it doesn't really exist in the developed world
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    correct me if i'[m worng but i think malaria is still the world's number one killer with diarhhea second, but i think the worrying thing about aids is the rise of it considerinfg 2 decades ago it practically didn't exist
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    Diarhhea kills? seriously?

    Explain. What cause diarrhea? I believe we all have diarrhea once or more in our life...
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    The disease is refered to as dysentery(Shigella dysenteriae), although it does cause diarhhea.
    Those two(malaria and dysentery) are what i died of most when playing the oregon trail.

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    what happens is people don't have enough food, for a long time and then their body can not process their food so it goes straight throught them thus dirahea, and then they die of famine when ever you see people with bloated stomachs it is a by-product of diarhea
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    I think the AIDS problem is going to increase dramatically over the next decade and not just because of lack of funding, but due to ignorance and a "gotta go sometime" attitude.

    I've been posting on several threads in ATS in which members have made the claim that HIV does not cause AIDS and that AIDS is the result of drug use and poor diet. These sentiments are terrifying. My husband and I lost too many friends who were not drug users, healthy active people and this kind of ignorance just shocks the hell out of me.

    Do we not educate people about this disease like we did in the 80s or is the internet disinformation system really that prevalent?

    Just frightening.
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    This isn't true, is it?
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    Wow, that is amazing, i did not know that, that is probably the fact on here that i like the most. Well god bless all of those who pass on through this process. Bless them. Death is somthing that happens..
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    Surfup found a great article on this. Thoughts?

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    I dont know if it is or not. But it is sort of suspious that these so poorly educated Medicine men would be able to diagnois AIDS

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    BBC: "The Natal Witness links the episodes of child rape with Aids, saying this is encouraged by the "shocking belief propagated by traditional healers that intercourse with a virgin cures Aids."
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    I'm new to the boards, and still treading softly, so to speak. But this is where I put my foot in things, I guess. I don't want to take this thread in a direction that it wasn't intended for, but the subject matter is a sore spot for me.
    I've always kept a weather-eye on the research and funding going towards the virus, and it's prevention and possible cure. In this day and age, we seem to forget that every single one of us may be subject to exposure. It was mentioned earlier, our awareness and concern has dwindled, it's almost background noise. But my real concern has got to be, and here's where I veer, who benefits from such a global outbreak, and the ensuing R&D, and the innevitable shopping list of meds that anyone with the virus needs to maintain a semblence of normalcy in their lives.
    Doesn't it seem strange that, as mentioned before, uneducated medicine men would know about a virus that attacks at a cellular level, and yet not know that intercourse spreads the virus? Where are they getting their information? Instead of stopping the spread of the virus, they are propogating it.
    I've always had the feeling that the virus was man-made, and I am by no means a conspiracy theorist, it just seemed a little convenient that as we reach a certain level of population globally, something this viral and deadly is introduced into the world. Makes me wonder. Like any other cellular organism, given enough time and stimuli, the virus will adapt to it's hosts, and a more lethal strain will find a way past it's conventional means of transferral. What happens when it's not simply sexually or intraveniously transmitted, when it becomes an airbourne or contact infection? Will a cure suddenly appear? "OH, wait a minute, we had the answer in front of us the whole time, gee, our our faces red!"
    Sorry to go off on this little tangent, I'm backing away from the keyboard now............
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    As a parent, this has really turned my stomach. As much as I could say sex with children is a taboo (discussed on another thread), as a parent who isn't that way inclined-it feels so bad. How could they look in that child's eyes and do that. I know they have HIV themselves, but still how could anyone do that. No different from any other place on Earth I suppose, it happens everywhere and all the time. Going to cuddle my baby now and try to think happy thoughts. Get the strong feeling that I definatly want to do more for the weak, vunerable and oppressed in the world. SAD................SO VERY SAD.
    Just as sad to think that I never would have guessed in a million years that people were doing this unless you guys had posted it. The world seems to get a little darker with every passing year - perspective more than anything else, as humans have been this yucky since they arrived I'm guessing.
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    Back to AIDS.... I saw a housemate die of it 12 years ago , it is UGLY !

    A persons will to live is taken with them at the same time all thier self asteem is sucked out of them as they are slowly abandonded by the friends who"feel sorry , but can't bear to watch" .

    Not to get conspiracy related , but I wonder how many births happen each second in relation to deaths , and if the lack of humane assistance in keepeing people alive is overlooked by world population issues . Just a thought....

    I donate to a free clinic whou gave me a free test , now they can test and inform a few others .

    world population clock , need to find a mortality clock....

    International Programs - People and Households - U.S. Census Bureau