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Discussion in 'Website Support & Announcements' started by JcMinJapan, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    We opened shop about 1 week ago. We realize that this is just a newborn baby and we are taking baby steps.

    But, what do you think of the first week in business?

    Is there anything else you would like to see? Did we cover the right topics?
    We want to make this our community and give everyone a place to enjoy, learn, teach, and have fun overall.

    Tell us what you think...
  2. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    I love it except for the fact i am refered to as an amoeba (jk, i dont mind)!! I am surprised that its only been a week, the amount of progress and posting would make me think otherwise.

    The only suggestion i have (besides underlining the links-but i've already talked about that) is to possibly combine a few of the sections so there aren't so many options; make it less crowded.

    I would combine Ignorance UN-denied with Urban Legends, as there are some things that will be posted in Un-denied that im sure will be urban legends (I would put this new sub-forum in the "Light" section)

    Also, I would combine two of the Knowledge sections or more, just to make it a bit less crowded. Maybe the Biology and Botany sections?

    Whatever you decide to change(or not change), this is still an awesome site and i am impressed by it.

  3. Cinderloft

    Cinderloft Premium Member

    Cant really do that with botany and biology. If you did, you might as well throw zoology in there too, as they all would fall under the biology flag. It leaves it to broad, and specificity is more important. We need topics that cover specific things important to us as a neutral-living human being in tune with our environments. We live with the animals=zoology, we live with, and eat plants=botany, and so forth. We breathe the atmosphere, we live on the earth, we look to the stars, etc.
  4. Cinderloft

    Cinderloft Premium Member

    One other idea, since we do not have a chatroom (which is fine), how about something like Off-topic Chit Chat for a forum in Messenger's home. A place that replaces the chat room, and anything and everything can be discussed. I know that Ignorance Denied is the general area, but with a name like that, it still feels related to the site, wheras what I propose is a place where people can just talk and get to know others, have conversations, and be sociable. It may just draw people in and help build tighter bonds with others, and more people will stay. This will allow for the rest of the forums to be more dedicated to their topics. Also a good place for people to blow off steam from the real worlds they live in. If they feel at home, they may be more likely to contribute. What say ye?
  5. oddtodd

    oddtodd Premium Member

    I like Amoeba , a single celled organism , shows us as individuals but with the power to multiply . Cinderloft on the other hand is a seeker , as if he lost something and is wandering around looking for it . (jk)

    Rolling along great , enjoy the teasers to keep my brain farts under control , but see an awful lot of them in the daily postings .(I am a guilty party as well) . Maybe they can be hearded under one heading (even in the daily section , so people wont think this is a joke/humor site)

    Always have to poke around and see how any new board works , and navigating is a breeze after a couple strolls thru .

    I like the topics better than that last board (what was it called again?) , as they are right up my "desire to know" alley .

    Even though all the sciences overlap in reality , I say keep em seperate to avoid a cluster bomb.

    Deney the I !
  6. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    Cinderloft, i know they are different sections of the same subject, but if you look, not a single reply has been made in the Botany section. So if you combine them, it takes away one section, making it a less crowded site, while still letting you speak for Botany. Or reply in botany so that it actually is there for something (no offense JCMinJapan, just trying to prove a point)

  7. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Well, Botony is there for many reasons.... just no one has really tapped in on the aspects yet. We can cover the effects of cutting down the amazon, new plant life found, engineered crops, natural medicine, etc etc etc.... ;)

    I think that the ones in there now really do not require much of a response. But, I am sure as we get more active members and questions come up and we hit these areas with more research, then the replies will flow in. :)
  8. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    hey, just noticed that when you look up a members profile you can find out what forum they are most active in.

    ...Very interesting...I love it. hehehehe :p

    *clicks on everybody's member profiles*