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    Buffalo Bill is a nickname of the murderer who skins his victims. So one day he stalked Catherine, 37 years old waitress, hit her on her head with the butt of his revolver and drove the unconscious woman in his van to a far away abandoned hut. When Catherine woke up she was handcuffed with her right hand for the plumbing and Bill was sitting on the chair facing her, with the pointed gun. Catherine immediately reckognized her neighbour, of whoom she only knew his name. B. B. told her that he'll be out of the hut for 5 minutes, and when back, he'll kill her, with all the usual gruesome rituals. Then he got up, left the hut and closed the door.

    The next day Bill phoned the local police from the public phone, telling them the exact location of his crime because he likes to read his nickname in the newspaper. When the police arrived to the hut detective Starling intuitively and with a bit of luck knew who had done it by examining the murder site. The same day B. B. was arrested and put behind bars. How did detective Starling find the clue to the crime riddle?

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  2. I read this thing somewhere before. The answer given was kinda stupid for a riddle.

    They said she wrote the guys name with her fingerprints, so the cops would get him.

    What good would that do to "her" I mean?

    It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again! :p
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    And he didnt notice his name in the dirt when he came back?!

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