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Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by Icewolf, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Icewolf

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    I don't know about you but at my age I don't know what to think about the heinousness of crimes like this.

    full story

    It scares me that there are people out there capable of this, people whom society "should" have helped, yet never did. In all honesty I doubt anyone could comprehend what an enormous impact something like this should have on the world. Yet such things are out of our control. We are forced to sit and watch as these things go by helpless to intervene. I really do wonder what would drive anyone to such lengths.

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  2. Ape

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    really I think it's the parenting done by yhe parents of children. No matter what the kind of person the parent is, some of them will rub off on the children, mainly if there a good person or not. But sometimes I believe the best children come from horrible parents when the child sees the flaws in them. Ex- The book, movie Matilda. But really if your not gonna make a good kid don't have one.
  3. tablet

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    When I first read this at ATS I was very surprised because forums contains many information and hundreds of members to talk to. Which makes it easy to get info to become educated and enlighten, unfortunately it didn’t help which surprised me. Who here visit and participle in forum AND learned nothing?

    So I guess once the mind is messed up, that’s it… there’s no way you can fix it could this be a prime example?

    About the killing:
    Having read story like this and many in the past, to me it seems like nowaday if you want to kill yourself, bring down your enemy, or innocent people if you have none, with you.

  4. Bleys

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    This whole event and the fact that this kid was a member of ATS has been troubling to me to say the least. In the anonymous space of the internet we see only what others are willing to show us. Looking back on Weise's posts at ATS - link - I don't think there was an indication of what he might do. But his posts do give some insight into his struggle with depression, suicide attempt and his life.

    I feel terribly sad that this young man perpetrated this horrific act and have spent a great deal of time tonight reflecting on it. Now I have a headache and still have no answers to my questions. The only thing that keeps going through my mind is - what a terrible waste.

  5. _Angel_1991

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    I am sick as well. Take the recent Minnesota Shootings. What happened? In every man there is a beast, ready to take over. Only your will contains that beast.

    MENGUARD New Member

    "Desperate people do desperate things."I am wondering how our young society feels about these acts?"It's very sad that you have to take lives to be heard".If this was his interior motive?Nowadays everything is so filled with violent actions.It makes me wonder where our society is headed?Or for that matter our future,the kids are the future.Not to say all of our kids are hellions but,they sure like to go out in a big way.And at what price,it is just so futile.
  7. Icewolf

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    My peers no longer appreciate the worth of human life, they do not comprehend the loss which people must be going through and I fear, do not understand the complexities of why society today does not offer more help to these people. These people feel different and they see the stereotypes of people like that (many of these cases would be more easily solved if it were more readily accepted) of course any help they would get would be confidential but confidentiallity has no worth when you are judging yourself.

    - Ice -
  8. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    I don't get it he seemed like an okay person from his posts. Maby it was the whole teesing and bulling thing. He thought he was a german solider during WWII in a past life. Heavy. While I was reading I felt as if I should have read his post and post back, posibly help him out. He seemed sane and smart. I don't know what to say about this one.
  9. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    He truly believe in Incarnation and believe that there's another dimension. I guess this dimension is giving him a hard time so he decided to prove his own point (that it takes gut to turn the gun on oneself) and maybe after this he might come back as a good person this time OR travel into another dimension where he doesn't suffer the same thing that he suffered here. He lost his dad... another hollywood effect.

  10. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    Alot of guts true but alot of pointless guts. Permanent solution to a temporary problem.
  11. DeusEx

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    My whole take on this is sympathy. I mean, look at this kid. both parents basically gone (father killed himself, mother a vegetable) abusive family (cousins beat on him, as well as probably the grandparents) mental problems (lithium and zoloft aren't exactly flintstones chewables) and a horrible school life. To boot, this is just the abuse we KNOW about! Really, it's arguable that ANY given person in those circumstances would have goen teh same route.

    And, frankly, in my opinion, anyone willing to make life even more miserable for him -whether out of ignorance, idiocy, or plain old #@!&%- DESERVES a bullet. I'm just sad innocents got in the way.

  12. Gravare

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    this whole incedent just kills me. it physically hurts me to hear this kids story. i know that what he did was disgusting and wrong in so many ways, but, when i first read his story on ATS, i felt like i knew him, it was wierd, having never even known he existed, i felt like i had known him my whole life. i also felt that, somehow i was to blame for his getting to this breaking point of insanity. i felt like, if there was maybe one little thing i could have said he would have changed his mind, if i(or someone) was there for him to talk to, he wouldnt have done it. this feeling might come from the fact that in a similar situation about a year ago, i did prevent a suicide, but i dont know. it is so strange. i just feel so much, i dont know, everything about this, i dont know what to think about it. i feel so sorry for Jeff and all those people. god rest their souls.

    i feel the same way DeusX anyone with the NERVE to make his life any worse, dam them all to hell. just those innocent wasnt THEIR fault...will justice never be served! like i have said on a different thread, all the good people in the world get the bad lives, and all the people who deserve to have horrible lives, get off easy! its so unfair and i hate it!!!

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