History September 5th

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    hehe, i get the jump 'cause of my time zone.

    September 5 1946.

    Farrokh Bulsara was born in Stone Town, Zanzibar.
    His father was Bomi and his mother is Jer.
    His sisters name is Kashmira. He had a Diploma in
    Art & Graphic Design and had a vocal range
    of three and a half octaves.

    Happy birthday, Freddie Mercury.

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    Here is a few more... :)

    1881 - The first disaster relief provided by the American Red Cross benefited thousands of fire victims left destitute this day by the Great Fire of 1881.

    1882 - The first Labor Day holiday parade was held in New York City.

    1905 - "The Treaty of Portsmouth" was signed by representatives of Russia and Japan, ending the Russo-Japanese War. Why was it called "The Treaty of Portsmouth"? It was signed at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

    1958 - The first color videotaped program was aired. It was "The Betty Feezor Show".

    1960 - Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) won the gold medal in light heavyweight boxing at the Olympic Games in Rome, Italy.

    1972 - PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) terrorists entered the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany, killing 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team.

    1997 - Mother Teresa (Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu) died of a heart attack at her Missionaries of Charity headquarters in Calcutta, India. The Albanian nun had celebrated her 87th birthday just nine days earlier.


    1638 - Louis XIV : King of France

    1929 - Bob Newhart : actor & comedian

    1940 - Raquel Welch (Jo Raquel Tejada) : actress

    1969 - Dweezil Zappa (musician: guitar: MTV; son of musician Frank Zappa, brother of singer Moon Unit Zappa)
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    All that other stuff may have happened, but how did I miss Freddie's birthday.