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    If anyone knows of anything else, please do not hesitate to add them in... we hope to make 365 of these and keep rotating them for every year and keep adding on!

    1783 - Treaty of Paris Signed - The United States Revolutionary War ended

    1833 - The first successful one-cent (or penny) newspaper was published. The New York Sun

    1895 - The first professional American football game was played -- in Latrobe, PA. The Latrobe YMCA defeated the Jeannette Athletic Club 12-0.

    1939 - Britain Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, announced the declaration of war against Germany

    1954 - "The Lone Ranger" was heard on radio for the final time after 2,956 episodes spanning 21 years.

    1596 - Nicolo Amati (a famous violin maker)

    1875 - Ferdinand Porsche (auto designer)

    1914 - Kitty Carlisle (Catherine Conn) (actress: A Night at the Opera; panelist: To Tell the Truth)

    1923 - Mort Walker (cartoonist: Beetle Bailey)

    1965 - Charlie Sheen (Carlos Irwin Estevez)
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    1885, The Rock Springs Massacre; a mob of white coal miners violently attacked their Chinese co-workers in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Twenty-eight Chinese were killed and fifteen wounded, some of whom later died. The homes of seventy-nine Chinese people were set ablaze and the bodies of many of the dead and wounded thrown into the flames
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    September 3, 1752

    This date never existed, neither did the following ten days.

    This was due to England adopting the Gregorian Calendar. People rioted in the streets as they believed that the government had stolen eleven days of their lives. :D
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    Wow Pisky, that's freaky. Imagine if the world had micro$oft back then. What a nightmare.

    Anyhoo...on this day,
    The lander separated from the orbiter on September 3, 1976 and landed at Utopia Planitia at 22:37:50 UT.

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    On this date, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty nine, the individual known here as GradyPhilpott was born at approximately 0300 CST.