History September 2nd

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    490 B.C. - Phidippides of Athens, was sent on a mission to seek help against the invading Persian army. Phidippides left Marathon for the city of Sparta, 26 miles away. The 26-mile marathon became part of the Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896.

    1666 - The first day of the Great Fire of London which burned 13,000 houses and killed 6 people.

    1945 - U.S. President Harry S Truman proclaimed this day as Victory-over-Japan Day (V-J Day or Victory Day).

    1998 - Swissair Flight 111 went down five miles off of Nova Scotia killing all 229 passengers.


    1948 - Terry Bradshaw Pro Football Hall of Famer: Pittsburgh Steelers QB

    1952 - Jimmy Connors : tennis champion

    1960 - Eric Dickerson football player

    1964 - Keanu Reeves