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    On this day in History:

    1666 - The Great London Fire began in Pudding Lane.
    1838 - William Clark the explorer dies: Age 68.
    1933 - Country singer Conway Twitty was born.
    1939 - Germany Invaded Poland initiating World War II.
    1982 - Speedometers are mandated to max out at 85 MPH.

    Also per HelenHeaven it is the official 1st day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere
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    Found a Few more! Hey, this is GREAT! I love this today in history. If anyone finds any more, add them in. Also, if anything happens today that is essential, write that in also. This will give us a chance to start over with this thread next year. We will have a running diary of the world!

    1878 - the first woman telephone operator, Emma M. Nutt, was hired.

    1906 - Pitcher Jack Coombs, from the Philadelphia Athletics pitched 24 innings and defeated the Boston Red Sox.

    1923 - The worst earthquake in Japanese history (magnituded 7.1), killed about 140,000 people.

    1962 - A 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck northwestern Iran and killed some 12,000 people.

    1972 - In Iceland Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky to become the world chess champion.

    1983 - 269 people died when a Soviet interceptor plane destroyed a Korean Air Boeing 747 went 100 miles off course and was flying over Soviet military installations.


    1875 - Edgar Burroughs : He wrote Tarzan of the Apes

    1923 - Rocky Marciano : World Heavyweight Champion [1952-56]:

    1931 - Boxcar Willie

    1933 - Conway Twitty - Singer

    1939 - Lily Tomlin : Emmy Award-winning comedy actress and writer

    1957 - Gloria Estefan
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    2004 - Ignorance Denied officially opened for its first day of business.

    1715 - Louis XIV : King of France Died
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    I noticed one event here of significant importance. :rolleyes:
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    What a wild trip it's been!
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