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    OK guys this one is still fresh so Im going to give it its own post, if there are other events for this date make a new post or use this thread to remember all our citizens that lost their lives.

    September 11, 2001: Four planes were hijacked by forgein terrorists. Two planes hit the World Trade Center in NYC, one crashed in Pennslyvania, one hit the pentagon. It was the worst attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor. I dont recall the exact number but around 3,000 people were killed.
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    One quick question about that: Supposedly there was a fourth plane that hit the pentagon. Whats up with that? The government maintains that it happened, and the conspiricy people have found no evidence of a plane. Should that be mentioned and corrected, or do you support the three plane theory?
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    yeah there were four I just wasnt thinking straight. I fully believe the facts presented and I saw the plane debris on the news.
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    You just wanted to beat me to the Sept 11th day! I know! You are just jealous that I hit the next days before you and get to do the days first. FINE, THEN TRUMP ME ON THIS FORUM!!!!!! ha ha ha
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    0813 - Charles the Great crowns Louis I emperor

    1297 - Battle at Stirling Bridge, Scottish rebel Wm Wallace beats English

    1304 - Willem III becomes earl of Holland

    1649 - Massacre of Drogheda-Cromwell kills 3,000 royalists

    1649 - Oliver Cromwell seizes Drogheda Ireland, most inhabitants massacred

    1709 - Battle at Malplaquet: Engl/Aust/Dutch Great Alliance beat France

    1773 - Benjamin Franklin writes "There never was a good war or bad peace"

    1777 - Battle of Brandywine, Pa; Americans lose to British

    1853 - 1st electric telegraph used

    1875 - 1st newspaper cartoon strip

    1885 - Moses Hopkins, named minister to Liberia

    1909 - Max Wolf rediscovers Halley's comet

    1916 - German troops conquer Kavalla Greece

    1919 - US marines invade Honduras

    1926 - Aloha Tower dedicated in Honolulu

    1930 - Stomboli volcano (Sicily) throws 2-ton basaltic rocks 2 miles

    1939 - Iraq and Saudi Arabia declare war on #@!&%-Germany

    1940 - Buckingham Palace destroyed by German bombs

    1941 - Charles Lindbergh, charges "British, Jewish and Roosevelt administration" are trying to get US into WW II

    1943 - Jewish ghettos of Minsk and Lida Belorussia liquidated

    1950 - "Beetle Bailey" comic strip debuts

    1960 - 17th Olympic games close in Rome Italy

    1962 - Drummer Ringo Starr replaces Pete Best of the Beatles

    1967 - US Surveyor 5 makes 1st chemical analysis of lunar material

    1971 - Egypt adopts its constitution

    1980 - Chile adopts its constitution

    1985 - Flyby of Comet Giacobini-Zinner

    1992 - Hurricane Iniki hits Kauai Hawaii; 3 die and 8,000 injured ( I added this as I actually lived there at the time and had my video camera taking a vid and we had a hurricane party-- JCMinJapan)

    1995 - Soyuz TM-22, lands
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    Birthdays and Deaths found


    1522 - Ulisse Aldrovandi, Italian biologist/medical

    1798 - Franz E Neumann, German mineralogist/mathematician/physicist

    1877 - James Jeans, England, physicist/mathematician/astronomer

    1917 - Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines Pres (1965-86)

    1924 - Tom Landry, NFL player (NY Giants)/coach (Dallas Cowboys)

    1932 - Valentino, Milan Italy, fashion designer

    1935 - Gherman Stepanovich Titov, USSR, cosmonaut (Vostok II)

    1943 - Mickey Hart, drummer (Grateful Dead)

    1957 - Jon Moss, rock drummerer (Culture Club)

    1961 - Virginia Madsen, Chicago Ill, actress (Dune, Hot Spot, Class)

    1964 - Roxanne Biggs-Dawson, actress (B'Elanna Torres-Star Trek Voyager)


    1297 - Hugh de Cressingham, English treasurer, dies in battle

    1646 - Johann Stobaeus, composer, dies at 66

    1712 - Giovanni D Cassini, French astronomer

    1888 - Domingo F Sarmiento, president of Argentina (1868-74), dies at 77

    1892 - Charles-Louis-Adolphe Vogel, composer, dies at 84

    1971 - Nikita Khrushchev, dies of a heart attack at 77

    1971 - Percy Helton, actor (Homer-Beverly Hillbillies), dies at 77

    1973 - Salvador Allende Gossens, president Chile (1970-73), dies at 65

    /1987 - Lorne Greene, actor (Bonanza, Battlestar Galactica), dies at 72

    1988 - Luis W Alvarez, physicist (Nobel-1968), dies at 77

    1994 - Jessica Tandy, actress (Driving Miss Daisy), dies of cancer at 85
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    Plus the deaths of all those ppl in the towers. *takes moment of silence*