Botany Seeds Could Feed Billions!

Discussion in 'Botany' started by Bleys, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Bleys

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    Utah State University is well-known for it's work in areas of agriculture. Recently they announced their patent for a clonal seed process. Dr. John Carman, Utah State University Plant Genetics: “It could be the most significant agricultural technology of our time.”

    Is this better living through science or something we should be concerned about? What do you all think?

    Imagine if we could resolve the world hunger crisis through this technology - simply amazing.
  2. tablet

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    We should quit working and start eating those seed. Buy ourself a farm and freedom forever. :)

    Already they can make MILK out of blood cell. What do you think of that?
  3. parrhesia

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    I'm kinda iffy on this issue. For one, because i don't like the idea of our food sources being manipulated genetically. Secondly, because the biotech companies may not be taking into consideration the sociocultural value of seeds and agriculture to the cultures that will be most affected by adopting the use of these types of seeds, if you see what I mean.
  4. overrocked

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    Monterro or whatever the major seed conglomerate is won't let them. Just like the car industry of High mpg- Big business can't make a profit if they can't sell the seed every year- and if it produces viable seed- that is even worse- they make their profits on the hybrids. If we wanted to prevent starvation, then why are we spraying bedoin fields with Roundup? And telling Iraqi farmers they have to buy our seed and it is illegal to save seed from previous crops?

    I like the invention though- dandelion seeds are very prolific! AND they breed true- although messin with the genotype may prevent cross bred variations that may be necessary to the changing climate-insects- etc.
  5. Subdued

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    Oh, well, that's all fine, but we are not absolutely sure if genetically modified food won't have some bad effects on human beings.
    Remember that good ol' sheep Dolly? It died soon after the cloning. The reason was premature aging process. The reason for this is that to clone a cell, you gotta take a cell. Cells usually divide into 2, then 4 etc., and so the whole organism grows. The problem is that cells can divide up to a certain number and then they die. Therefore, if we take a cell that is to be cloned, we don't know how many times it has already divided. It means, if we use older cells, the new cloned organism would die much faster. I am not quite sure about the exact application of this formula to the plant cells, but if the mechanism is the same as it is in animals and human beings, the results of such manipulations won't be that good, to say the least.
  6. mscbkc070904

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    I dont quite agree with the manipulation of these seeds...I am looking from a bi-terror aspect as well. But morally its wrong...I think the major prob here is that we have totally lost the ability to count on crops to produce what is needed. The result of that is constant development, new factories, degradation of soil, agriculture, livestock, atmospheric interference due to this development which manipulates the life cycle of all things.