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    Wednesday the interested parties met before SCOTUS to impress upon the justices their reasons for either wanting the 10 commandments posted on public property or disapproving their display as a violation of church and state. Some of the comments made by the justices during questioning are quite telling and give the impression that the 10 commandments will be allowed to remain.

    The cases are Van Orden v. Perry, case no. 03-1500, and McCreary County, Kentucky, et al. v. ACLU, case no. 03-1693. Rulings are expected by the end of June.

    Tough call in my opinion - I see (a portion anyway) of the 10 commandments to be universal in their meaning and not of a religious nature. Do not steal, do not murder, do not lie are important tenents to live by without regard to any deity affiliation and encompass personal responsibility. But what about displaying the tenents of the Church of Satan - how many people would get on board with that even though the tenents of the religion are quite noble. Church of Satan makes a point to identify children as beings that should never be harmed whether psychologically or physically, it also specifies that people should never make unwanted sexual advances. Two of our societies biggest evils spelled out - but who would openly support their display on a courthouse steps?

    What do you think? BTW - I'll edit this post when the decision is handed down.