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Discussion in 'Sociology' started by tablet, Oct 4, 2004.

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    Back in 2000 or 1999, around there they introduced Uniform. Because, well we have to start acting like real student. We have to take
    things serious now right? Having uniform not only make us smart, it makes us smarter. It helps us identify student so not to mistakenly
    identify them as criminal and trouble maker. And we are hoping that student are doing well and better because of uniform.

    Then later, they introduce a new test, that every grade 10 student must take inorder to graduate from high school. If you failed, you
    simply repeat, and if you failed again, then repeat. It's easy, just repeat if failed. It's soo easy that alot ended up repeating.

    Then later, they introduce another idea - school name. They say we should start having a unique name, one that makes our school
    stand out. In other word, special. So all the school now goes like this ">>schoolname<< Collegiate Institue" Which is very

    Because every school now (or soon) have "Collegiate Institue" in their name, makes every school stands out. Very special indeed. Now
    every new high school comer will get confuse. They will not know what each school represent or stand for, whether for business or tech
    or even art - you can't tell. Because they're all the same... (unity, united).

    So, uniform makes us smart and do well. Test challenge us. School name, represent us as a whole. So.. we all should do well right?

    hmmm... not yet.

    I look at it like the skin of an onion. Every layers are different. It looks different and might even taste different. BUT

    Right into the core of the public school there is politics being play (From the outside, every school looks sexy) at the top down to the
    middle (student senate). Alot of the students are not aware of this, their mind is busy with homework, girl, boy, magazines ect...
    school are on steroid.

    I do not want to get into the detail of politics that are being play at my old school and school in general.

    What's your thought/experience or input on this? (if you go to school, give us perspective ON YOUR school)
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    well the only real knowledge i have about schools is this,

    i lived my whole life in canada and went to school there, then last year i moved to england i have been very dissapointed about it so far, but actually now that im in 'sixth form' it isn't so bad
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    Granted it's been a few years, but what I remember about school politics was CYA administration browbeating.

    Every few years we would get a questionaire asking about the quality of our education, the knowledge of our teachers, the textbooks, etc. For days before one of these questionaires was to be handed out - we would be lectured on the importance of putting our best foot forward. We were also told that if our school scored low enough we would lose accreditation and we'd never get into college.

    So the results would always be good and the adminstration would be happy, meanwhile 20% of the studentbody graduated illiterate. Go figure.
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    In California, the district issued the "High School Exit Exam" required for the class of '05. If you did not pass the test, you have your junior and senior years to try again.

    All the '05's i knew (Sophmores that year) said that it was insanely easy.

    Next year, '05 was informed that the district threw out the test from the previous year: they did not need to pass it to graduate. But they did make a new test to be administered to the class of '06.

    Now, why did they throw out the old test? it was "TOO HARD" !!! Can you believe that? schools lower their standards instead of buckling down and teaching the kids harder material.

    sry for the rant...