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Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by kiwirobin, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. kiwirobin

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    Please do not read this if you are sensetive to grafic acts of horror!!!
    My sister sent me this, there were already more than 300 names added to it and I will add mine and send it on.
    Feel free to do the same if you feel so inclined.
    Stories like this make me very, very,sad.

  2. Mizar

    Mizar Premium Member

    Thats horrible! I never understood what drives people to do these things. I don't have a mean bone in my body and I guess thats why I can't see it.
  3. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    What could have ever taught the boys to even think of that?! What was in there head to think that! I don't understand people like that.
  4. Young William

    Young William Premium Member

    Frustration, anger, and resentment? What underlies hate? Whether chemical, environmental, or "spurratic," much more research is needed. Isn't this key for a peaceful existance?
  5. pineappleupsidedown

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    Check out the BreaktheChain link below:

    as sad as this is, the details were not completely accurate. Tabloid newspapers got the names and photos of the two children, causing mulitple death threats to head their way. The boys also served the entire 8 year minimum sentence, they did not get released halfway through the sentence. This means they got out of jail at 18 for something they did when they are 10. Its just a different way to look at it.

  6. mscbkc070904

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    That is just OMG makes me furious. I dont care fi they were 10 or not, what they did is unexcusable. I mean a 3 yr old boy with no way to defend himself against anything. Even if the child had lived, he would have been scarred for life, if not blind. And if these kids had the gall to do that at 10, to me, not a pyschologist, but common sense and logic tells me they are mentally messed up and nothign can cure them of that disease.
  7. Bleys

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    Are the boys rehabilitated or was this the first act of future serial killers?

    I remember the case and how disgusted I was. I remember looking at other 10 year olds and finding it impossible to see how they could formulate, let alone execute, such a deed.

    What kind of treatment did they undergo while in prison?
    At 18 the doctors should have been able to diagnose psychopathic tendencies?
    What assurances have been put in place to monitor or follow-up with these now men?

    To release these two without a plan is dangerous and irresponsible.

  8. tablet

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    Speechless! and shocked!

    This story makes me want to hold my 3 years old nephew and never let him go.

    delete this thread.

    edit: yes, msc is correct. I've never heard anything like this before and was making a point. This story is horrible.

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  9. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    We cant just delete somethign like this. This is what we need to hear, the realties of what people are capable of doing. Washing away doesnt make it go away, it only makes it worse. I understand tablet that it makes you mad, but the WORLD needs to see the crimes that people are capable of doing. Seeing, hearing and listening only assist us in educating those who are young now how to fix and make sure they dont become one of them or a victim of such horrible crimes.
  10. Icewolf

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    My friend said the detah penalty was designed for this, isn't that the quick way out for them, but really I'd prefer to have them locked away in a 2foot by 2foot cell with no contact with anyone for the rest of their lives till they die alone, that's what justice would be, but alas, justice doesn't exist.
  11. kiwirobin

    kiwirobin Premium Member

    I am both sorry and glad this story got such a responce.
    I also questioned posting it, but it horrified me so much I felt it needed to be shared and adressed.
    My main concerns in this life is how to preventthese indescribable acts from happening.
    There are many post relating to this on ID.

    Lets please all teach our children well, with the hope, maybe the only hope of restoring the humanity in humanity.
    HUGS to all of you for this one.
  12. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    I agree with Icewolf, justice isn't served they see such punishments as cruel. But in reality the crime was undecribibly cruel. So people see as killing someone not that bad. A couple years of jail won't faze some people a matter of fact somepeople see it as a title to boast about. If I had a say I'd make punishments actually teach people something. Make them despise the place called Prison and crimes will not be commited. If you see this as cruel I'd say you are cruel for wanting more wroung and hanes crimes be commited.
  13. Mizar

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    I still like my quote from Caves of Steel by Issac asimov....

    "Justice can be served by the destruction of an evil, but sometimes it is more just to convert that evil into something good."
  14. yourdementia

    yourdementia New Member

    and if it cant be converted ?
  15. bodebliss

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    Someday they'll just use nanites that will bore into their brains and put governors on certain actions and spy on other actions and report to headquarters. No more trouble from them.