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    Ok, I keep trying to read thrrough to look at others updated stats etc. But as the thread grow, it gets harder and harder. Ok, Now I made this thread to have only your stats in it. So, please, only one post per person and just update here. If you want to discuss anything, use the other thread. :D

    Players Name: Krytie

    Free Quests (uncompleted):
    All Free Quests are now complete.

    Member quests (not completed)
    Temple of Ikov

    Current Weapon/Armour/Equipment on person
    Cooking Gauntlets
    Dragon Scimitar
    Rune Pickaxe
    Rune Axe
    Amulet of Glory
    Ring of Wealth
    Full Rune Armour

    Overall 1,171
    Attack 69
    Defence 69
    Strength 69
    Hitpoints 68
    Ranged 33
    Prayer 48
    Magic 63
    Cooking 75
    Woodcutting 57
    Fletching 40
    Fishing 74
    Firemaking 49
    Crafting 50
    Smithing 64
    Mining 71
    Herblore 46
    Agility 56
    Thieving 68
    Slayer 48
    Runecrafting 54

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    Players Name: IDpineapple

    Free Quests (completed):
    Cook's Assistant
    Ernest the Chicken
    Prince Ali Rescue
    The Restless Ghost
    Romeo & Juliet
    Rune Mysteries Quest
    Sheep Shearer
    Witch's Potion

    Current Weapon/Armour/Equipment on person
    Bronze Med Helm
    Bronze Chainbody
    Black Cape
    Leather Boots
    Leather Gloves
    Mithril Scimitar
    Steel Kiteshield

    Quest Points: 17
    Combat Level 21
    Total Level 176
    Attack 26
    Strength 14
    Defence 7
    Ranged 1
    Prayer 15
    Magic 4
    Crafting 3
    Tree Cutting 23
    Hit Points 21
    Mining 2
    Fishing 7
    Cooking 21
    Firemaking 26

    Im ahead of JCM in firemaking though :p

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    Free Quests (uncompleted):
    Dragon Slayer

    Current Weapon/Armor/Equipment on person
    Mithril Full Helm
    Mithril Full Plate Top
    Mithril Full Plate Pants
    Mithril Kite Shield
    Leather Boots
    Green Leather Gloves
    Mithril Battleaxe, Crossbow, Wind Staff
    Amulet of Accuracy
    Sapphire Ring

    Quest Points: 37
    Level 51
    Attack 41
    Strength 43
    Defence 40
    Ranged 6
    Prayer 28
    Magic 34
    Runecraft 3
    Fletching 1
    Crafting 17
    Thieving 1
    Herblore 1
    Agility 1
    Hit Points 41
    Mining 37
    Smithing 33
    Fishing 40
    Cooking 41
    Firemaking 35
    Tree Cutting 47

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    All Quests Free and P2P completed to date!


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