Archaeology Ruins of prehistoric village discovered in N. China

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    Archaeologists in northern China's Hebei Province have unearthed the ruins of a prehistoric village, which date back 7,000 to 8,000 years, near Beifudi Village in Yixian County.
    Zhang Pengming, who participated in the recent excavation of the site, said that archaeologists have unearthed the ruins of 10 well-preserved semi-subterranean houses.

    These houses were concentrated in one area and were arranged orderly, Zhang said. The cooking range and living room were located in the central part of the houses.

    Relics excavated from these houses include natural stone blocks,stone used as building materials, various stone ware, broken pottery and walnuts.

    Beifudi village is located on the northern bank of the Yishui River and 12.5 kilometers southwest to the town of Yixian.

    Archaeologists with the Hebei Provincial Cultural Relics Research Institute and cultural heritage departments of Baoding City and Yixian County excavated 1,200 square meters of the site.

    Zhang said that discovery of the ancient village provides important materials for studying cultural relations between north and central China in ancient times.