Botany Roses are red, and now blue...

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    In July 2004, Melbourne biotechnology company Florigene and its partner, Japan's Suntory corporation, announced the realisation of rose breeding's impossible dream: a truly blue rose.

    A truly blue rose has been the Holy Grail of rose breeders since 1840, when the horticultural societies of Britain and Belgium offered a prize of 500,000 francs to the first person to produce a blue rose.

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    its funny that there are no pictures

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    Actuallty there is...but it was another web page, but the page keeps redirecting as http 404 file not found error.

    Sorry, but when I read it, there was one and it showed a nice floral decor, looked scrawny though, not many leaves on the stems, but the rose itself was nice.

    Trying to locate another souce now for a pic
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    I cultivate roses, Irises and lilies, and I have colors you can only imagine but I have never seen a blue rose, yes I even have a black iris, but actually is likea dark purple color.
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    If you go to that link in the first post, do a search for "rose," and download the pdf doc in the first result it has a picture of a couple kind of lilac-looking roses. I was a little disappointed.

    I read in a science magazine a year back that nobody yet had made a true blue rose. It's a really neat story, though. I wonder how long it'll take before they start being mass produced and distributed?
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    very pretty
    now the democrats can be truly proud!
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    It is true indeed, if you live in the wilderness you will find a variety of Roses of every colour.
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    I would've never thought that creating a blue rose would be so difficult.
    Well, it certainly was worth the effort. It looks lovely :up: