Lit & The Arts Review: Maus by Art Spiegelman

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    Every boy, even I, goes through a stage between the ages of 9 and 13 when he reads and collects comics. For most of them interests eventually change and they will probably move on to more 'mature' literature. I admit that I at first had a prejudice against graphic novels. However, Maus has convinced me that a graphic novel can just as good as a normal novel.

    Maus is a combination of the two seperately published parts Maus I and Maus II. It contains two narratives: how the author Art Spiegelman has made the graphic novel and the story of his father Vladek Spiegelman in WWII.

    The story starts with Art Spiegelman talking to this father about making a graphic novel about his father's experiences in WWII. Both are drawn as mouses, as are all other Jews in the story. Every ethnic group is a different kind of animal; the Germans are cats. Art asks his father to tell about his experiences and so the major narrative starts.

    Vladek starts by explaining how his life was before the war and how he met Art's mother Anja. They both lived in Poland and thought that #@!&%'s in Germany were just a shortlived political fad that was probably not very dangerous. They soon found out that they were wrong. In an epic story with great drawings, especially those of Auschwitz are very haunting, Art Spiegelman tells about their lives during the war.

    Both were send to concentration camps, but survived. They didn't come out of the war undamaged though. Almost their entire families were killed and they had lost their other son. The war also influenced them psychologically and this is the subject of the second narrative, that of Art Spiegelman making the graphic novel. His mother has killed herself and his father doesn't like to throw away anything. This causes conflicts between Art Spiegelman and his father.

    I think the drawings really add to the story. If it were just the text, it would be much less moving. This is the best book about the holocaust I've read so far. I really recommend you read it as well. Although it is about 300 pages, you can probably read it in a few days. It's worth your time, I promise you.
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    yeah mus was really good, he qalso did a new one about 9/11 i think, i havent read it though, although i here it is as good if not better as maus
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    This book sounds intresting. Maybe when I get some time I might go to Books and Novels (Barnes and Nobels ) ad get me a coppy.
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    I really enjoyed Maus :up:
    I read a graphic novel tonight.. quite short, called "Auschwitz" by Pascal Croci. It's a good one.

    Also a good graphic novel is "Palestine", I forget the author, th ough.
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    Yah I just read Maus 1...
    It was good, because it was using mice as the main characters and still retained intensity.