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    Hey everyone. I haven't been keeping up too much on this new site, but it looks pretty cool!

    One idea that I have that would be a little different than anything else (as far as I am aware of anyway) would be a Hands-on Research and Investigation section for this new sister site to ATS. An example of what I mean would be similar to William's Camp Hero/Montauk investigation project on Subversive Element.

    Members of this new site could be divided into geographic 'teams' to research certain situations, sites, events, or people. Either using a digital camera or a camera phone to document evidence and the story of the investigation.

    This idea could go in many directions. Each member could be official reporters/investigators (many events and organizations give special advantages, seats, booths, etc. to members of the 'media') assigned to attend certain events like the the Exo-Political Expo last April in DC, which was supposed to disclose many secret projects the government has tried to keep under wraps. Members could also volunteer to interview people famous in the 'Conspiracy World' or to find and interview witnesses to odd occurances like alleged UFO crashes.

    This would add an extra dimension to ATS/IgnoranceDenied that could turn out to be very interesting.
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    It sounds like a good idea. Have you tried to get a project like this going on ATS? This will be a bit out of our focus probably.

    We are going to be related to ATS, but our motto will coincide with what we learned in the game. Basically, Enlightenment, as we are the Messengers of Light, Truth, and Knowledge. We want to be the next natural step after ATS. More to come.... ;)