Sociology Report: World can end poverty by 2025

Discussion in 'Sociology' started by Bleys, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Bleys

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    The UN says the world's wealthiest nations can eradicate global poverty by 2025 if they will double aid to the world's poorest nations.

    I realize that there are no guarantees in life and that if these countries did sign on to this proposal it may not work. But what a wonderful world it could be if it did work.

    Is this something all the world's nations should give serious consideration to or is it merely wishful thinking?

  2. bodebliss

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    I do think if all the countries of the world would sign an agreement on anything and follow through with it. We could defeat Death, the energy crisis, water shortages, disease, but that never happens in the real world the big countries sign to get small countries to sign. The wealthy countries won't act till they do, and once they do, the big countries slowly give out the cash and try to better their economic growth through the way they implement aid, and the poor countries try to get something for nothing, and pocket the aid.
  3. overrocked

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    but isn't our world overpopulated by about 5 billion people? in order for a sustainable world?

    isn't that another reason why the rich and powerful think the only way to be secure is to grab as much as possible before the masses can rebel?

    I agree that the poverty could be eliminated, and I am truly not as cold-hearted as my first sentence seems to demonstrate- but wouldn't that lead to more overpopulation- can we put a limit on who gets to breed and who doesn't?
  4. kiwirobin

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    I like to remaine an optimist but it's difficult when my main experience is that alterism is against our nature.
    I tend to agree with overrocked, population is also a big factor here.
    To protect our fellow life forms we have had to begin controlling their poulations to keep them in balance with the small environments we allow them.
    We calculate how large the population must be and cull the numbers if the become too large.
    I have yet to see a complete studie for the human mammal which accounts for sustainability within our biosphere.
  5. overrocked

    overrocked Premium Member

    if we could control breeding to be about 1 child supported by 20 adults, this could still lead to a sustaining population

    But it seems we are too late to undo the damage done to our ecosystem's biodiversity-

    and pray that we don't nuke ourselves into oblivion-

    unless you want anarchy :brkdnc:

    it really doesn't look like world democracy will be the answer when so much depends on a much more socialist' type of cooperation

    so I guess another one of my solutions to poverty- quit having so many children- or charge the cost of care of a child up front- to be paid equally by the biological mother and father-

    follow the 8-fold path
  6. Young William

    Young William Premium Member

    Optimistic outlooks always seem to be overtaken by the greedy, and it apparently does take that many!
    Good post! You'd have to figure that eventually we'll have no choice, or that through education the eyes will turn toward what they've been missing,.....................
  7. mscbkc070904

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    Yes we could escape poverty if we contributed, but you also have to look at the fact we have lots of factors that are not really implemented into this plan. For example: Wars, Medical Emergencies (i.e. plagues, viruses, aids, etc), terrorism, natural disasters.

    While some of these reduce populations, not being mean here, but results of these do reduce populations, you still have problems with lots of children that are parentless. Alot of the poverty levels can be controlled better if we educated and set laws and rules in place to help to keep overpopulation down and work harder to fixing the biodiversity issues at hand. But at the same time you have technology superseding. SO many different things running in place its hard to control it everything. But one day we will, wether its in our time or not. But we have to start paving the way to fixing this and start making a bigger issue to world populations instead of fighting amongst each other over petty religious ideologies and economic BS.
  8. Derek

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    First off, the poor countries need to combat corruption and improve administrative efficiency before something like this could work.

    Then the wealthiest countries need to take away the burden of debt incurred by past generations, or this promise of justice will be denied for future peoples.

    All in all though, I could see this working if all wealthy countries would partake in the plan. IMO it could be heralded as one of the greatest achievements humankind has shown since the Marshall plan to rebuild Europe.