History Renovation Exposes Civil War-era Graffiti

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    GREENEVILLE, Tenn. - Renovation of former President Andrew Johnson's home has exposed graffiti that Civil War soldiers wrote or scratched into the walls, including someone suggesting that "Andy you'd best skedaddle."

    Johnson was admired by Union supporters, but detested by many Confederates, and both sides used his home as a headquarters during the Civil War, according to the National Park Service, which acquired the two-story brick home in 1942.

    Graffiti quotes written or scratched into the plaster walls include: "Shame on you Andy," "Andrew Johnson Traitor of the South," and "Guilty of Treeson." There also are poems, and dedications to "My darling sister," and "For My Home in Kentucky."

    Johnson was the military governor of Tennessee during the Civil War and then served as vice president under Abraham Lincoln before becoming the 17th president.
    His daughter hid the graffiti under wallpaper in 1869 to prepare the home for his return.

    The park service knew there was graffiti somewhere beneath the wallpaper — but not where. During a restoration in 1956, the walls were photographed and notes about the graffiti were taken.

    The home is being re-covered with wallpaper as part of the current renovation. The graffiti will be preserved, but will remain hidden.

    Source: Yahoo News
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    :lol: Them's fightin' words! :lol:

    I wonder just how "insulting" these actually were - they seem so tame by today's standards. Would these comments have been considered shocking?

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    Love that word skeddadle ! Didn't realise it was ever used in the USA, guess its an English import.