Archaeology Remains of 1,000-year-old building found in Nepal

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    Kathmandu, March 4 : A huge archaeological site believed to be over 1,000 years old and said to have been built by kings from Bengal has been discovered in Nepal, Xinhua says.

    Archaeologists unearthed a huge structure with a 340-metre wall made of artistic bricks laid on a foundation of stone at Khoksar Prabaha village in Saptari district, 200 km southeast of here.

    "The structure must have been either a palace or a monastery and its could be over a thousand years old, because the swans and geometric shapes present in the walls is similar to that of the Pal period," the Rising Nepal newspaper quoted archaeology department official Prakash Darnal as saying.

    Archaeologists also found windows, entrances and rooms as well as numerous artefacts including statues, remains of crockery, engraved bricks and a well.

    The site could have been part of a palace built by the Pal kings from Bengal during their conquests, as mentioned in historical documents, said Darnal, who was part of the excavation team.

    --Indo-Asian News Service