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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by JcMinJapan, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. JcMinJapan

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    Anyone seen it?

    It is my favorite show! Comedy, plus some pretty good science dealing with space. Tons of great theories played out into a comedy. If you have not seen it, then I would definately resommend it! It is a British comedy and has been around for about 9 years now.
  2. justme1640

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    I can't believe I didn't see this thread sooner -- I love Red Dwarf -- the only bad thing is it isn't on anymore here -- it was on PBS with other Brit Coms.

    What was the dish that Lister loved???

  3. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    is it that show with the space aliens? cause its on re-runs all the time here

    but the best EVER britcom has to be 'the office'. so painfully funny
  4. justme1640

    justme1640 Member

    Red Dwarf was a mining (?) ship that had one member who was in stasis - Dave Lister - and when there was some kind of accident that wiped everyone out he was kept alive and woke up 3 million years in the future. There was a holographic crew member and an android (played by the guy who was on the original Junkyard Wars) and the ships computer and the decendent of Listers cat who had evolved into a human type cat (very vain though)

    Can you tell I enjoyed this series --

    by the way I think it might have been chicken vendeloo (not sure of the spelling) that was the dish Lister liked ??
  5. amantine

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    I like both, Red Dwarf and The Office. Red Dwarf become somewhat boring though, with them being trapped in a prison and such. The Office, I loved that show. That manager was amazingly funny, always making stupid jokes.
  6. helenheaven

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    I have worked in an office where all the characters from "The Office" worked....we had a manager JUST like that !!
  7. JcMinJapan

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    My thread resurrected! YEAH!!!! :D:D

    Listers favorite dish... VINDALOO!!!

    I have seen every episode about 10 times... ha ha It is my favorite!

    Amantine.. Being in the prision was quite funny as well. Think about Cassandra... It was so funny. or KrytieTV.. I loved the look on listers face when Kryten said it was all a joke.

    Ok, Pete was a bit lame in the storyline, but it still had many funny moments. At least in the last episde, the ship was being destroyed. Now, after they finish filming the movie, there are plans to start it again. I am sure that they will find a way for Rimmer or the others to get out of the situation. Of course, they could let him die off and bring him back as a hologram though.

    If you have any questions on Red Dward, just ask, I am an expert. :yes::yes:
  8. justme1640

    justme1640 Member

    Rimmer -- do you think I could remember his name :p

    They are making a Red Dwarf movie??? Too :cool:

    Vindaloo -- now I have to go look up what is in that dish - I haven't thought about that in a while.

  9. Fiorina 161

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    so in the last ep.

    rimmer, gets offed, but it makes you wonder,if
    when they start the next seres, will they have a bunch of eps.
    where he would be the one left alive? or with out a ship,
    how would they make a hol. out of him, maybe holly, downloaded
    rimmer's hol before they left?i been thinking if they bring back
    the nano-bots, but i could go on and on and on..........:lol:
  10. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Fiorina.... I could start a forum just on the concepts of Red Dwarf and be perfectly happy.... :lol: :lol:

    Well, in the last episode, everyone has gone over to the mirror universe, so Rimmer is the only one alive, well, he still has Death (in great pain now :o) and the vending machine that is looking for revenge. Being that there are no ships left to escape on, I say poor Rimsy is in deep trouble. But, Kryten is back in the mirror universe now, so I am sure that he could read the code in opposite mode or ask the doctor (cat) in the mirror universe the opposite that would work over there, then bring it back. Maybe even reversing the process and the metal being restored instead of denigrating. ;) But, I am sure with their luck, it will work and the virus will be released in the mirror universe, thus destroying it ... ;)

    That would leave Dave, Kryten, Rimmer, Hollie, Cat, and Kachansky stuck again back in their universe on Red Dwarf, except this time there would be no starbug for them to zoom around other planets in. But, I am sure that could be remedied in so many ways... ha ha ha

    Vindaloo ... The best and most awesome dish! Yes, I do love SPICY SPICY food and Vindaloo is the mother of all curries!
    JM.. you asked and I will deliver... Here is my recipe for a Chicken Vindaloo! I do not remember where I got this from, but this is awesome! I do add a bit more Cayenne pepper into mine... Like I said... I love spicy food! :D

  11. Fiorina 161

    Fiorina 161 Member

    ha ha ha !

    i bet thats the same recipe for a Chicken Vindaloo,
    that the red dwarf crew made on the cooking show, i saw
    it on PBS, here. it was awsome, they had some famos chief and
    man i tried to make that and could never get it right, JcMin,
    if you have not seen the cooking show you've got to find it!
    sorry that was one of my fav off the wall red dwarf things!
    thank you for the recipe for a Chicken Vindaloo,
  12. justme1640

    justme1640 Member

    That does look good-- will have to try it - but will have to try it when DH is on a hunting trip as he doesn't like spicy food like I do.

    Have you tried Satans Blood by chance -- that is the hottest food additive (beyond being called a hot sauce) We tried it -- just dabbed it on a dish and lost my voice for a week. But it was goood.......

  13. JcMinJapan

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    I never saw the curry one.. hmmm have to check it out. I saw Can`t Smeg Won`t smeg, but not a curry one.... hmmmm, I will have to find it. I thought I saw everything...