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    If this life were a book and i am on a page that belongs to myself maybe no one else is actually here i might be able to manipulate the future witch is inevitably the past ,when i look at photographs of myself in the past eg as a small child its as if its a stranger with a host of memories the same as mine i feel im only present at this moment in time ive actually shead my skin a thousand times or there is no future and no past it does not excist . (then why would i bother typing this.) SELF DENIAL MAYBE
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    Watching Butterfly Effect lately are we?
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    I haven't seen it... Do they use any punctuation there?
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    Welcome to the NOW.
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    Yeah I get what ur saying. Like you feel your only in the present. Think on this every second of every minute of every hour of our lives will never come again. I know you know this but do u really understand? For example today, no, right now. Febuary 9th 2005 4:35: 03 was just born (happening) and just died (stopped happening) and will never come again. Unless we have a time travel car like in Back To The Future!
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    Even if you travel in time, you are still not there or were you?
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    If you think that nothing is real, or if you are the only one that is real, or if you think that you are insane and living a life that only exists in your head, it will eventually lead to you becoming insane and then proving the statements you just made.