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    Just wanted to let everyone in on some minor changes to the board, as well as some added information that may be to your interest.

    Yesterday some modifications to the Registration page were made. Some information fields have been removed that resulted in an easier to fill-out registration process. Basically, the ability to enter signatures/avatar/website, and other profile information, is no longer on the registration page. This information of course, can be updated anytime after logging in, within the Member Control Panel. Additionally, the email button column, as well as the website button column, have been removed from the Members list pages.

    As a note: The email you enter when registering for membership at ID, may or may not be available for any other member's to actually see. If you wish to keep your registered email private from any visitor, visit your Member Control Panel, and updating by selecting the option to edit your profile, and un-checking the option for "Make e-mail address viewable by others?".

    We realize some member's may wish to have their website and/or email available to any visitor, and for this reason the option to publish this in your profile remains available. (website URL subject to site terms and conditions of course).

    Last but not least.... If you choose to make your email address viewable by other visitor's, remember that your email address will also be available to ALL visitor's, as well as search engine spider's.

    (I will attempt to keep my ID email published as a site administrator, and available for anyone if needed, but it is currently experiencing a hiccup. As soon as it is operating properly I will re-link it to my profile. Until then, feel free to u2u me as needed.)

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