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    RE: \"ID Can Be A Great Community....\"

    Would anyone please mind starting? Or if this is too dumb of an idea, at least tell me. I'd rather hear now, than after I've made a total fool out of myself!

    Although I don't mind, I'm used to it, as long as the teasing is meant in fun.

    If anyone is interested, my name is CyberKat (I don't know why I put in the 6 here).

    I'm probably the oldest one here, or on any of the related forums, so I'm not going to tell you my age. I'll just say that Im a Scorpio.

    Most people in the physical world seem to be hard to relate to, but here in cyberspace, especially when a subject that I'm interested in is being discussed, people seem to be a lot nicer, for the most part, and definately more real.

  2. tablet

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    Welcome aboard kat and hang in there. And any guest reading this, please join.

    You're already part of the community. Just give us abit more time and we will know you.

    ID future will be a very very interesting one.
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    " id IS a great community !" the younger members have us do thier homework , we play games , share knowledge and thoughts , teach each other , learn from each other , and are a well rounded group !

    Enjoy your stay !