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  1. junior_smith

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    this thread is for various questions people have, i think it would be cool if it was answered like the game, with the red bold. lol

    my question is this, if you have a question remaining from the previous day can you ask it the next day?
    No, sorry.

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  2. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    when do you become the game master?
    There are 4 rounds. After the 4 rounds, there is a playoff between the 4 champions. The person who wins, get the Title. So, this way they can wear it for 4 rounds + the playoff. Probably about 1 month or so.

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  3. Icewolf

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    How does this work?
    Can anyone join in, (namely me)

    Aboslutely! The rules are at the beginning of the round 2 thread. Welcome!

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  4. Not that I don't want it but
    Do we hav to get the title?
    I mean can we just win and still be amoebas?

    ZS: Yes, we wont force you to take it, but its the only prize we have to offer.

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  5. Icewolf

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    I love this game but I noticed theres a problem with it. Every time I post and go to sleep, if I get a yes because of the time difference by the time I wake up the next day, the next day of the game has begun.
  6. oddtodd

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    I am sure that helps someone get the final answer , but since we are all so spread out in the world , it can work for you as well as against .
  7. oddtodd

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    What if one person wins twice , would the final be with whoever wins the 4 rounds (with a duplicate winner ) making a final of 3 people ?

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  8. Zsandmann

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    you cant participate in the next two rounds. you can help other members via u2u if you like but you cant have guesses, sorry. Then the four who win the prelims will go head to head in a final matchup for the title.

    Z Out