Human Biology Question for the Ladies: Periods

Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by mscbkc070904, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Why do women have periods? This sparked up cause there was an advertisement on TV about seasonale, which if taken cuts a womans periods to 4 a yr. First off, why do women have them, whats the purpose and significance? And if its natural, why would you want to mess with your natural cycle to take a pill to cut it down to 4x a yr?

    This isnt so much just for my knowledge but for knowledge of all men to understand why a woman has one and the purpose of it.

    Educate us ladies.
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    I hope to godallmighty you are serious - if you're not I have a voodoo doll with your name on it.:ch:

    The uterus is prepared each month for delivery of a fertlized egg. If a fertilized egg is not received then the lining of the uterus is shed and the cycle begins all over again the following month.

    Being on birth control pills has the added benefit of regulating your monthly cycle. The hormones trick your body into thinking it is pregnant so it will not release an egg each month. Each monthly prescription contains 21 days of hormones and 7 days of placebo.

    However, doctors noticed a loooong time ago that if a woman never took the inert pills and just took hormone pills continuously their periods stopped. Seasonale does this through delivery of lower dose hormones taken continuously for a number of months.

    So why doesn't every woman get on the seasonale bandwagon - lots of nasty side effects that vary from woman to woman. Were I 19 or 20 again you bet your #@!&% I would have jumped all over these little babies side effects be damned. But once you get into your 30s the increased incidents of stroke/PE is simply not worth the risk.

    Hope this answers your question,
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    I knew the answer, but I wanted a woman to answer this question for guys that never really ask. I mean have been around guys that chit chat and say my woman has that time of the month (among many other sayings) again and its such a drag. Yet if you asked them WHY does she have it or the purpose, GURANTEE 8 out of 10 couldnt answer it.

    So for those who dont know and dont ask, I did to get the question answered and for those who are a little shy to ask so that they can view the answer for themselves without responses. Trying to educate the minds for those who wont ask the question or forgot their early human anatomy/biology classes.

    Thanks for answering Bleys.
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    Oh and if I had said I knew the answer, just wanted to see who would answer, there would have been no replys.
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    you know why they use blue in the tampon commercials? because red is blood and thats too real, yellow is like urine, green is like an artificial mucus or soemthing so ergos there was blue all because of fcc bannings!
    oh and i think you can guess why they didnt use brown
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    All women are DEVILS!!!
    Who ealse could bleed for a third of thier life and still survive.
    Do you need a piece of my hair Bleys?
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    I'm debating on the hair - lol.

    The curse (as my dear old mother still calls it) is truly a necessary evil - men should learn to do pedicures and massages for their women. It would show true male enlightenment. Since that isn't going to happen anytime soon. I patiently await the day when I can get a hysterectomy and become a sport model.


    BTW - junior -ever watch one of those ads on a black and white TV? :o
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    Well like us men say about women:

    Anything that bleeds for 7 days and lives, is Evil (or not Human)

    I had to throw that in, sorry ladies.

    And Bleys as far as pedicures and massages, well I am 50% there and its sure aint pedicures, although I woman who takes care of her feet has 2 thumbs up in my book and believe me there are not that many women that do, I have seen some ugly feet, that need more like a plastic surgery with 6 months of comestic surgery on top of it.
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    "Why do women have periods?"

    Because we are the sex which has been blessed with the gift of motherhood--the ability to give birth and perpetuate the species
    of mankind.

    I do not view periods as a curse and therefore, feel it is a great
    priviledge to be a woman. Men can not fathom the incredible
    experience of carrying a child to term and seeing it come out
    of their bodies alive.

    I have found the hormonal changes can enhance a woman's
    intuition, insight and other abilities with a depth that most men lack.

    "Only Women Bleed
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    (A. Cooper/D. Wagner)

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    Now Alice is an enlightened male!:up: Is this from Welcome to My Nightmare?

    BTW msckbc (we have to find you a nickname) a woman's feet can be a most erongenous zone.

    Feeling a little sentimental now - must find "From the Inside." Kudos to you aWoman.

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    I'll wash ur feet Bley's,
    An massage em to,
    With 'For veronicas sake'in the background,
    I'll dance you de whole night through.

    And Tablet, I can never know what it's like to carry a child, but I love my Josephine more than my own life.
    I've left my country, my family, friends and traveld half-way around the world to be there for her.
    And I always will be.

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