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    Ok, this is a thread fro the non-researchers and researchers to interact and talk about discussions or topics brought up in the official research thread.

    The [OFFICIAL] research thread is for information posting and ideas by researchers. Even researchers should not CHIT CHAT in there. Questions in there are allowed by RESEARCHERS ONLY, but not chit chat stuff. If a NON-RESEARCHER has ideas or information, please add it to this thread and we will review discuss it and possibly add it to the official research. Now, if you find that you have time and would like to help in this research, then please U2U.. Yes, U2U JCMinJapan to get access. :D

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    I'm right-brain dominant. There's not much I can do to help. IF there are people like me here then maybe we can just observe and learn.

    Here's an explaination on Time Travel proving that it's possible. This is for the average-joe. Have a look, quite interesting.

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    A great explanation that I heard was this. This is my favorite answer to the paradox. You are the great grandson of H.G. Wells and have just figured out Time Travel, but you want to test the theory of whether you can kill your Great Grandfather or not.

    Now, scene switches back to HG Wells......

    HG Wells is wanting to write a popular book and is sitting at his desk with his head in his hands and cannot think of anything to write. You suddenly pop into the room and you grab your gun and aim it at him, then you pull the trigger and the gun jams. HG Wells gets up in an instance and wrestles you to the floor. The police are called and you are thrown in jail. After a few days, HG Wells goes to the cell to visit you to try and understand why you would want to kill him. Well, you talk to him and explain that we wrote a fascinating book called The Time Machine and it inspired you to find out how time travel worked and you wanted to test your theory. You and HG have a great conversation and you thus apologize for any hassle and HG talks to the police about the mistake and the mess up. All if forgiven and HG Well now has a great idea for a new book called The Time Machine.

    So, in essence without the intervention of the future, the past could not have occured for the future to test the idea on the past and thus come into a realization that the past is the past, but the past could actually rely on the future and the future most certainly relies on the past, but, the past is not changeable.

    Unless we went to the paradox where you feel bad and cannot pull the trigger and you decide not to say anything and just disappear before he notices. You did nothing wrong and you did not reveal yourself. But, because you DID NOT try to kill him, that you actually changed the past and HG Wells actually never ended up writing The Time Machine. Then what would happen? ;) So, in trying to preserve the past and not mess with anything that you altered it by preserving it... hmmmm

    Well, since we see only the past in our lives. True.. we only see past events. you can only see as fast as the light can reach your eyes and be translated into a picture in your brain. You never see the NOW. hmmm.. So, does this lead to a paradox that everything is already done and we are just actors acting out the emotions and going through the steps? So, what every you do has already been done, anything you say has already been said, anything you feel, smell or touch has already been. There is not a TRUE NOW.

    Have I made your head hurt yet? GOD I LOVE TIME! ha ha ha
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    So... Time travels deals with dimension. If that's so. Isn't the word "Time Travel" misleading???

    Should be "Dimension Travel".
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    well now i believe time travel forward is highly possible and this has even been proved but i dont think you can go back and if you can you really wont go back in time you will jump to another universe and be in the time you wished to return to so in an essence you wouldchange the future of another universe not the one you origonated from

    if time travel is real why havent we been visited from people from teh future?
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    Yes, travelling into the future has no paradox. Time Travel believer said that those that have the knowledge of time and the power to go back in time will control time, which means those that don't know anything about time or how to go back in time will become slave in time forever!

    That is utter nonsense! IF the past cannot be change, which is already defined, then what is there to worry about? The question is "Is there such thing as another universe"?

    IF there is, then those that have knowledge of time and the ability to travel through it will be master of another universe, not the one they're living in.

    For a time believer they would say "John Titor".
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    This is my thought on Time travel before the research. It will be interesting to see what it is like afterwards. This would be a great experiment. How about everyone writes what they believe about time travel. After the Research, we write again and compare.... :

    Time Travel is impossible. Yes, it is... UNTIL.... the first time machine is created. Yes, then it is possible. Now, my vision of the time machine....

    Ok, you would have this box or something along those lines.
    Here is what I envision:.

    Now, I would guess that you are only to be able to go back to the time that this box was made. So, a month later you make another box, then you could go back to that time. But, if you did not make it a one time use machine, then as soon as you turned it on and it worked, you would be flooded with letters or things. Because, anything anyone ever sent from the future would have to arrive at the same moment the box was turned on. Now, if you made several of these at different moments, then you would have less traffic. But, if say only 100 people arrived from the future in 10,000 years, then you would have 100 people all at the same moment arriving. Not a pretty picture. Well, My guess is that it would have to be a one time use machine if it can be created. So, my reality based machine would be the one ot two-time use machine as mentioned above. I think the machine would be fairly close to Dr. Mallets device. Now that I am reading this, I am also thinking that the device will not work, except for a fraction of a second when it was turned on. In that fraction of a second, it would deposit everything, then not work as we are not in that TIME anymore, but if the device was in the NOW and worked, you would have to keep a log from the beginning to ensure that someone in the future did not send stuff to the past at the same moment.

    But, either way you look at it, I think Time Travel is NOT possible YET, but once the device is working, then it will be possible.

    Ok, let`s tackle the Grandfather Paradox, ok, I know I did this above, but thinking about it brought a few more ideas into my head: Ok, the BEST BESTEST :D: ever explanation was on the Discovery Channel, here is my version rewritten as well as a few

    Ok, imagine the HG Wells story a few posts above, but this time you arrive in the past and while waiting for HG Wells to come home, you decide that you do not want to mess with time and just head back to NOW. For me, the above cannot happen... WHY? Well, because if you had not inspired him by trying to kill him, then the book would have never been written and YOU would not have been inspired by his book to create the Time Machine in the first place.

    Now, if we could change the future, then we have to think about dimensions as well. In the study, we will be researching other dimension theories as well.

    Now, I do believe that there could be other dimensions as well. We are just a moment in time and a minute location in space. We are STUCK in this MOMENT of time. There is another MOMENT before and after us. What we decide in each MOMENT will determine our life. Think about it..... EVERY MOMENT you have, you have a chance to decide to do something. I could just get up now and fly to Italy to find a job. But, I didn`t.. or the next moment or the next moment. Well, maybe the ME in the MOMENT behind this has just gotten up pressed ok and left. So, in my mind I do believe in dimensions and every reality is played out in them and also, that we are stuck in this MOMENT that is traveling in a direction. the direction? (Forwards). So would be possible that we could travel to the past. Ok, now take the scenario above. You go back and kill HG, well, you kill him, the book was never written. But, you are still there, as you are in a different dimension. So, in essence, you could even kill yourself in that dimension. Can you come back to THIS moment? My guess is that you can, but... it would be improbable you could find it. You would have to arrive at the NOW. My guess is that you would have to find the billionth of a fraction of a fraction of a second moment that we are in. So, basically finding it would be virtually impossible. Depending on each moment for each person, some realities may be completely different, some may be as simple at someone deciding the sleep 10 minutes earlier. The possibiliites would be endless as seeing how many people on the earth and how many moments they have to change or not change things. But, this would then be considered Dimension Travel and not time travel. Although, Time Dimension Travel is sort of the same, but different. Hmmmm.... So, by traveling forward in TIME, you will move to a different MOMENT. Thus, you will never really get to see the results of what you did, unless you could luckily find the correct moment. So, thus, you could kill HG and to avoid the police, you jump into your time machine and go back a fraction of a moment and it would not have happened. Maybe... Depends on that fraction of a second.

    Now, if there are dimensions, then this would be a very good reason why we have not SEEN time Travelers. I mean what are the chances with the many many billionths of a fraction of a fraction of a second that they will find this MOMENT? There could literally be hundreds of millions of time travelers and we may never see one.

    Now, just a fun one...... What if you went back like the story above, but, you chicken out and think that you do not want to mess with time as you think that messing with time is ust wrong! Thus, you leave without anyone or anything ever knowing. But, when you got back, things were the same, but different. Thus, you actually changed the future by not trying to kill him and thus by doing nothing. So, if we got into the ethics of time travel .... hmm, what is right and what is wrong.
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    Have anyone watch "The One" starring Jet Li? It's about parallel world. I know where this is heading... Mind Control.
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    Never saw The One ....

    To me looking at the universe, the possibilities, and the facts.. reality is stranger than any science fiction story out there........ No mind control in that. ;)
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    If this is true, then wouldn't there be a "loop in time"? Lets say you go back in time too save somebody from dying. If thats true then you can't change a thing and you end up dying in the past. But maybe 400 years later your born again and the cycle repeats. You would be living in a section of time for the rest of infinity. It would be like a Duracel Battery, It would just keep going and going and going and going........:)

    P.S. that story that JC told is kind of like a "fate is in escapable" things. For instance, A medevil prophet prophezises that a jewel encrusted goblet will kill sir somebody. The kight finds the goblet but won't heed the prophets words. Wife gets scared, takes the goblet and hides it in the pantry over the stairs out of their tower. Kight finds out, gets really angry and and slams the door.
    Pantry opens, the goblet falls out, hits the kight on the head and kills him.
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    If you want to see a few funny stories that give you an example of Time Theories, try these Red Dwarf episodes: Future Echoes, Timeslides, Tikka to Ride, and Cassandra.

    They are funny, but if you think about it, they do make ya think. A light way of giving you ideas and teaching a bit. I love the science, but the reason that I love the shows it that it gives sort of real life implications to us ordinary people. So, it makes me think and want to understand the science more.
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    Another paradox.

    have a look. Got it from oddlytoddly. I was browsing for nature video and found this.
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    Well, the whirlpool idea is exactly what Dr. Mallet is going off of. Read about his work, it is amazing. Not just Science Fiction.
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    This is something I've been wondering.

    Suppose the green arrow is me. And I'm on a red train that go in the direction the blue arrow is pointing. The train goes very fast and thus I decided to jump up above ground and do the matrix kick. In about 1 and a half second I will fall (drop to the ground) where will I land? The same spot that I begin with (red dot) or in between Yellow and Red dot? Have anyone try this yet? Try it! Trust me you won't look silly and if someone ask, just say you're practicing matrix.
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    The question has alot of possible answers. I mean if you jump exactly straight, you will probably have the force of the forward motion of the train propelling you a bit forward and probably land near the same spot that you started. But, if you were somehow able to negate the forward pushing force and just straight up, then you would be further back in the train from where you started. My guess is real life is that you will have sneakers on and they will have traction on the trains surface, the forward motion of the train will actually propell you a bit forward from the actual spot and I am guessing you will land fairly close to where you started.
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    You would, definately, land a little behind where you started.
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    This is my favorite all time topic . Time May be the key to understanding much> Think outside the box on this one . Is it possibale that there more than one space time continuaim layered one on top of another ? This is what I beleive altho its more a metaphiscal ideia than anything that I am able to really understand. Are any physists leaning in this direction?
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    I am personally leaning towards dimensions as well. Basically like a loaf of bread. We are stuck in now. We cannot go forwards or backwards in this dimension. If we did, we would just be transported to a different dimension that may or may not resemble this one that we are in. Depends on how history unfolded in that one. I know that it is more science fiction, but that is just the way I am more leaning towards. but, I am open to just about any idea. that is why I want to do this project
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    My best guess would be that you need 2 time machines to travel back or forward in time. 1 to send you and the other to recieve you. So if someone hasn't invented and built 2 yet then we couldn't be visited by time travelers.
    If thats true than we have two possibilitys. Does time progress natrually in each loaf, causing it to have a different future then the loaf it originated from? Or are the loafs stationary in time, and have a permant "address". If the latter is true then wouldn't we be moving through a loaf/sec?