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    I may be a bit old-fasioned, and I don't necessarily believe that's a bad thing. I love my Country, I respect Our President, I served four years in the USAF. I hold the door open for people, give a friendly wave to a stranger, and most importantly listen to those who engage in conversation with me.
    My perception may indeed be biased by my upbringing in the Northeastern part of the U.S., however, I "travelled" very frequently in the AF, and feel that, in general our most basic foundations are becoming compromised.
    Granted we live in constantly changing times, however, it seems to me that our fascination with squeezing the lemon of life has become ridiculous.
    Invented terms like "roadrage," "'fast-food," "New-World customer service," and especially the "Seven-Eleven" approach to life are astounding to me. What's the rush? Knowledge is power, ignorance, which comes without effort, denies many, even if unconsciously. Knowledge is much more difficult to attain, for it changes one's mind often and erases fear.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    IF it's true that Knowledge is power and that it is easier to be ignorance THEN chances are the majority are igorance and they're the one that allows thing like this to happen or the cause of. I believe things happen incrementally, it never happen all at once. Take #@!&% for instance (I'm not sure what it stands for, but someone at ID once say it stands for French Collection United Kingdom). We know what it stands for but at the same time we also know that means something offensive. So why not intelligently find another name? You are correct. They're not intelligent. And is it this kind of people that we have to watch out.

    Things like this open possibility for other things like this to follow along. And it gets worse. Take Cellphone tones for example. You have christmas song, just normal song or a tones of some sort, but now some ignorant (but I guess they believe they're intelligent!) come out "moantone". That's right. Voice of women moaning (having x) everytime someone call your cell. You can also have an option to display images with the moantine. :shk:

    Now, imagine you're on a bus and some smart (beyond smart) dude have his cellphone ring with moantone. (click here for story on this latest concept
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    Concentrate on every child you are in contact with.
    All of the worlds children are our daughter and our sons so spread good thoughts.
    Memetics is the stuidie of information and it compares it to a disease.
    They spread in similar ways. The only cure is to combat negitive meems with positive meems.

    "Memetics and the modular mind"if your interested in this typr of thinking.
    But be cautious it can be a hell of a bummer.
    Oooops I mean, bell of a hummer.
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    Evoluntionary Pyschology


    In the aggregate, memes constitute human culture. Most of them are of the rock-chipping/shoemaking/vehicle-avoiding kind--they provide clear benefits to those who host them, i.e., learn behaviours or information. They are passed from generation to generation because of the benefits (ultimately to the genes of their hosts) they provide.

    But a whole class of memes have no obvious replication drivers. Memes of this class, which includes religions, cults and social movements such as Nazism and communism, have induced humans to some of the most spectacular events in history, including mass suicides, wars, migrations, crusades, and other forms of large-scale social unrest. These memes often induce humans to activities that seriously damage or destroy their hosts’ potential for reproductive success. The classic example is the nearly extinct Shakers--whose meme set completely forbids sex. A more recent example is the gonad-clipping Heaven's Gate cult.

    This is an excerpt from "Sex, Drugs, and Cults. An evolutionary psychology perspective on why and how cult memes get a drug-like hold on people, and what might be done to mitigate the effects"
    By H. Keith Henson

    A really interesting article covering everything from Scientology to the attack on the World Trade center
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    Yeah that's what I ment, ahumm
    Nice article, thanx 4 da link h.h
    It is indeed a complex and many sided problem, I ain't got the solution yet..
    Genetics, upbringing, social influences, politics environment, economics.................AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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    Billiam, if I may (Bill+William), I will be a bit more laxed at this...I totally agree with you, short and sweet huh?

    Well ok, wasnt that short. I have to give you some sort of explanation to my madness...and I am mad. 20 years ago we didnt seem to have the "psychological"problems that we do today when it comes to being able to function normally in public or just in general. We have a disorder for everything and a pill for anything. We can even go get this medication in our drive through drug store now (did ya hear that!?!).

    40 years ago there was no "ADHD, ADD" and it was a growing kid with lots of energy and needed somewhere to release it. Now, I see kids stuck on meds, glued to the TV or hand held game units (until at the age of 13 they are diagnosed with carpel tunnel). I am glad I never had that even in 1980, I wasnt even allowed to ASK for an I wanted one? Not really...I was in sports, soccer, baseball and other activities. I was mentally and physically stimulated. I had also been diagnosed with ADD when I was 10 and never put on medication (even though you can seem some affects in my writting skills...o I am gonna make tea)...No seriously, Today there is something for anything. Instead of dealing with a problem in a healthy manner, we take a pill.

    I think I should have been born 50 years ago...:wow:
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    I hear ya onemoretry, I was also running around the woods after school, building huts and grazzing knees. Was never sick then and rarely get sick now.
    People are getting soft and children are being conditioned to be ill. Lazy parents equals lazy kids, much easier to give them a pill and shut them up. Makes me sick!!! and is one of the main reasons I changed from being a well paid auto tech to a poorly paid youth worker.
    I get such a buzz by showing these kids how to be excited and active about life, they love it.
    They arn't slow, lazy or bad they learnt it. It was all they had in their environment.
    If a child hears enough that their no good, difficult, stupid or what ever they go... ok if you say so, thats what I am. I'll try to please you and become just that.
    When will it become a law that potential parents must follow a parenting coarse, especially those on benifits.
    How ealse can we stop the cycle of ignorence, abuse and apathy.