Human Biology Proof of Human Evolution?

Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by Zsandmann, Oct 18, 2004.

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    Many people debate evolution. I was thinking of a few things that seem to point to evolution, maybe not from apes but at least more primative hominids. If you can think of more please post them in this thread.

    A.) Wisdom Teeth - AKA the third molars.
    Source: What are impacted wisdom teeth? | Types of impactions - classifications, pictures, diagrams. |
    Note: the term 'stone age man' is a generic laymans term for prehistoric human kind.

    B.) The Appendix
    Note: I have also read that it may have held stones to aid in digestion like some animals still do today.
  2. Nygdan

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    I beleive that all homonids are infact grouped as apes. Man, also, is an ape. A specialized one, but an ape nonetheless.
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    we stil need that missing link, correct me if im wrong bt we havent found it yet
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    You mean human evolution is just a theory, not a fact yet?
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    On the subject of the 'missing link', a number of transitionals between primitive apes and man have been found.

    see this page for an overview

    On evolution not being a fact, that isn't true. Evolution is the change in species over time, generational time really. Its observed and quantified. On the genetic level, allele frequencies change over time, and on the zoological level, similiarly, traits change over time. Of course, there is more to it than that. THe "Theory Of Evolution" is what Darwin figured out, that Organisms Adapt thru a mechanisms of Natural Selection. Its a theory, and, like every other theory in Science, never graduates or gets 'upgraded' ot the status of 'fact'. Similarly, there is a Theory of Gravity, and there is also the observational fact that things fall. But the Theory of Gravity will never become a fact, thats just how scientific hypotheses work.

    Also, a theory is nothing more than an hypothesis that has, like evolution, withstood decades of testing and attempts at 'falsification'.
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    A Pan Troglodyte is 97% genetically the same as humans.

    If I'm not mistaken, if your 98% identical to a child that proves paternity.
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    I don't thing is any missing link I am a believer that the human species in earth was tampered with by a force, it even could be alien to come out with the modern man.

    I see the evolution of man as a accelerated by outside forces.