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    I have had chronic pain in my elbow for the last 18 months. At first, it also included numbness in my little finger, half or my ring finger and the side of my palm. This is on my right side.
    I went to a hand surgeon because I was concerned about the constant numbess in my hand...who wouldn't be. He advised not abusing it...babying it even and cortisone shots. (I have had three to date...eeek!!) He thought I might need surgery eventuall--I was diagnosed with ulnar nerve compression.

    All during this time, my chiropractor has advised against cortisone and did what he could to adjust me. He suggested icing it, too.
    Finally, he told me of an Osteopath who was "into" pain management. He told me about prolotherapy. Modern prolotherapy bgean in the 1930's and was apparently quite common in the 50s-60s. Until the incresing number of orthopedic surgeons began doing more surgery for pain issues.

    So, being the good little conspiracy theorist, majoring in ID, I began an internet search .

    Even C. Everett Koop is on the prolotherapy bandwagon: search for prolotherapy

    Has anyone tried this treatment? Anyone ever hear of this treatment?
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    Wow DTOM! Really interesting stuff.

    I have to admit I was skeptical, but it really sounds promising. In fact so promising my husband is considering the treatment now. He's been putting off arthroscopic surgery on his knees for about 5 years now.

    If you get it done let us know what you thought.
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    Hmm I can see how the theory is based in fact but have trouble believing it. Any clinical tests on this that you know of? Also I am VERY skeptical of Chiroprators. I went to one till he leached all my insurance coverage for the year for chiropraty (8 visits). It felt great for 30 minutes after the adjustment. See I have psoriatic arthritis, and Im only 22. Yikes. It only affects the right side of my body.

    I am eager to hear more...

    Z Out
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    Today was my third appointment. The original site of pain is better. About ten days ago, new pain developed in an adjacent area of my elbow. It hurt when I flexed my elbow and was tender to the touch in on spot.

    The doctor noted the improvement at the original site and noted that sometimes when one area heals, nearby areas become sensitive. I can't remember the exact explanation.
    He first tried manipulation of the elbow.
    Then, my third set of injections at the site of the new spot and a "follow-up" at the original site.

    The doctor told me that lower back pain and shoulder pain respond most favorably to prolotherapy.
    He has a testimonial on his wall from a highschool swimmer who underwnet treatment and now is pain free. She had thought she might have to give up the swim team.
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    Yikes, I realized I didn't mention my first visits.

    The first visit, he has you fill out a pain profile. Then, he asks more questions about the pain and where it is located. He probes the area, checking the ligaments, tendons, bones, etc in the afflicted area, looking for soreness and pain.
    If he feels you are a good candidate, he checks the area again and marks the skin where he feels he will inject the solution.
    Then the area is swabbed with a disinfectant (betadine, I think, it's brown). A shot of anesthetic. Then the glucose solutiion.
    That's about it.
    You go home with a prescription for pain pills. Some folks experience pain for a few days.

    Feet, backs, shoulder, knees, arms are some areas that can be treated. My chiropractor had his foot and shoulder treated and is now pain-free.

    At my visit today, the doctor feels confident that I may need none or perhaps one more treatment.
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    I haven't run into any trials. But obviously the AMA would not be interested in trials. They'd rather make money cutting people. But, if I see anything, I'll post it here.

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the chiro! Unfortunately, all chiropractors are not created equal. The first one I had was just okay, but he was into the money more than I liked.

    My current chiro is GREAT. He attended the Palmer Institute, which is supposed to be the best school.
    I hope you don't give up on them---just like any other doctor you either have to get lucky, do research or use word-of-mouth :) They should take your insurance and finances into account and work with you. The idea is for you to feel better without running through all your benefits and spending a fortune.
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    Awesome info, need to pass this onto my family, cause they have knee problems and back problems, maybe this can help out. Worst thing that could happen, it doesnt work.