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Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by secondmessiah, Mar 20, 2005.

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    well last week i wondered what mixing Monster Energy Drink and Redbull would taste like so i did it and it tasted well okay but the thing is when i started running and working out like i always do almost every week and it was like the drink i invented turned me into the perfect athlete for a temperary time and also it also increeased my testosterone levels and i was more you know than i ussually am and i was you know for like 8 hours i couldnt sleep

    Preformance Drink

    side effects trouble sleeping,blood pressure might go up slightly ask your doctor before use no more than 3 servings a week (one serving is a whole bottle or can or whatever you use to store this drink) not recommended for children under 10 made for specifficly for athletes and men and women who want more pleasure(you know it)
    if hyperactivity or erection or whatever purpose your drinking it for lasts more than 18 hours consult a doctor
    notice if anything bad happens it will not be my fault because you have a choice to make it or not i dont have any responsibility if you die because you have a choice to make and drink it or not i dont i tested it on myself and i turned out fine basicly im not responsible for anything you have a choice
    if you have any questions respond to this post and second this was designed to enhance physical preformance for sports not sexual preformance
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    Thats all good but you fail to note the side affects of prolonged use - Parranoia, Insomnia, Amnesia, shortness of breath, laxative effect and more i cant remember, theses have all been sceintifically proven.

    Caffein - stimulant, no more than 25-50mg per day
    Taurine - Agressant, no more than 250-500mg per day
    Ginseng - natural what you will...:lol:
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    I like Rockstar , same stuff but in a bigger can for the same $$ . Thanks for the dosage limits , sometimes 3 of those a day and I forget to eat .

    Just keep going and going and going.....
  4. xu

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    another performance drink by the way, this is tested and %100 guaranteed :saint2:

    get a 2 liter bottle, pour 1 liter of vodka and 1 liter of redbull (3 cans each 330 ml), shake it good. you be like :ch: and like :clwndnc: and like:bouncy: and like:brkdnc: for 24 hours non-stop.

    you wont need any sleep even if you were on your foot all the time, you wont get exhausted. the side effect is the possiblity of an heart stroke.:D but if you are young you will get over it without a stroke. note that you will sleep more than usual after that 24 hours.
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    Eeww you guys - that sounds just nasty. My sister in law had me drinking red bull and jagermeister last month and it was all I could do to keep it down.

    What ever happened to a little gym work to stimulate endorphin production? Endorphins


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    I drink protein drinks myself after a workout. I take Ripped Fuel made by TwinLabs prior to working out. Ripped Fuel is not a drink, but capsules.......

    Positive Side Effects:

    Basically, you will feel a rush of energy in about 3-5 minutes. I feel like I drank 10 cups of expresso. Lasted for many hours. (never take more than the recommended dose)

    Helps one lose weight FAST as it speeds up your metabolism.

    you do not crave food


    Increased Heart Rate

    Loss of sleep if taken at night

    You can feel agitated and restless. (Especially if you go beyond the recommended dose.)

    And as stated above. Never ever take any of these drinks or ideas without consulting a physician first. After all, you are making your body speed up by putting chemicals and stuff into it. Make sure it is safe and you are within the stated health guidelines of each product.