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Discussion in 'Literature & The Arts' started by Young William, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Young William

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    What does "Potential" mean to each ID member?
    Obviously my primary interests are rooted in a betterment of social interaction and individual accomplishment.....I'm studying Psychology at the Masters' level.
    I realize that most who post here at ID, avoid contreversial topics such as politics, racism, bigotry, and "class structure," but I can't help but post my particular take on the planet we call least for now.........

    I believe that "Potential" is a term only attainable to those with an adequate financial "support" system, need I say more?
  2. Bleys

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    I am curious why you believe this. While I agree that it may be easier to reach one's potential given sufficient finances - I don't think it is an absolute. There are many examples of people who reached, or exceeded, their potential due solely to hard work and sacrifice. I think the gratification these people feel is probably much higher since they were wholy responsible for it.

  3. GoneFission

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    Financial resources is only one component that contributes to a person's overall "potential." As Bleys pointed out, there have been many cases where people have overcome that obstacle to become highly successful. How did they do it? They increased the other components enough that finances didn't matter.

    Off the top of my head, here's the basic components that contribute to potential:

    • Financial resources
    • Intelligence
    • Physical ability
    • Creativity
    • Personality
    • Motivation
    • Location

    I'm sure there are more, but I think those capture a majority of them. Each component contributes to potential to various degrees, with the actual weight highly dependant upon the person's aspirations.

    For instance, if one wants to become a supermodel or professional athelete, physical ability is an overwhelming contributor to potential. Just look at how many NBA players come from poor families. Or take the example of Rudy Ruettiger, who was immortalized in the film Rudy for playing on the Notre Dame football team despite having the "wrong" background and little physical talent. He had a lot of motivation and an excellent personality, which allowed him to succeed. (Note: I'm basing this on the story told in the movie, which naturally has some innacuracies, but nonetheless gets the point across)

    By saying that someone will never achieve their potential because they had the misfortune to be born into a poor family, or that someone who's blind will never become a sucessful piano player (Ray Charles), you are ignoring the other components of potential, and severely selling that person short.

    The real question is not whether someone can reach their potential, but what that potential is. Each person needs to look into themselves and take into account ALL of the components, not just focusing on one. Many of us will never become professional atheletes, movie stars, or Nobel laureates. Does that mean that we're not achieving our potential? Not necessarily. In most cases that just means that our potential is to become no more than a successful business person, or a loving parent, or a professional student, etc.

    You want to increase individual accomplishment? Don't tell people that they need to become rich and famous to be succesful. Don't let poor children think that their only way out of the ghetto is by becoming great basketball players, as very few of them will ever succeed that way. They need to learn that there are other ways, many of which don't require great physical skills or money. They need to stop focusing on the negative, and start looking at the positive. It's not always going to be easy, but everyone has a potential that's far above what they would expect. It's just a matter of realizing it.
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    I can make it real easy to understand, as well as 'self'-analyze...

    Potential is the difference between,...

    Where you are at,...

    and where you are ultimately able to be at in the individual maximum extreme.

    But for the most part, most dont realize their true potential for failing to recognize it and act upon it.
  5. bodebliss

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    Possessions only detract from why you are here.

    I don't think we are here to add to the melodrama as most think. Most think we are here to play out our lives as humans. Their conjecture is we have bodies so that is what we were meant to portray and they religiously fight anything else(sometimes with religion). This amounts to' I have a human form...I must be human...and I will slap you silly if you confront me on this, either overtly or covertly'

    Oh yeah! I believe 99.999% of humans are in denial of the truth.
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    Potential is something you turn into skill. As my dad would say, "Talent and 50 cents will get you a can of coke".
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    Thanks for all the feedback,
    Your responses gave me the answer that I was seeking....

    I'll add an old song lyric that hits home with me,

    "Sometimes I think it's a shame,
    When I feel like I'm winning,
    When I'm losing again....."
    G. Lightfoot