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  1. Mark

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    We are pleased to announce the following changes & additions to the current post rating system:

    The former "negative" post ratings have been removed. Only staff are able to attach a negative post rating to any post. This will be explained below.

    Inline with the roots of Ignorance Denied, we have a new post rating icon that only the administrators can apply to any post.

    gold_ring.png The Golden Ring Award (positive rating)

    When any one of your posts anywhere receives this post rating, it represents recognition from any of the website administrators of an outstanding post by any member or staff. This award will be given to the most deserving of posts. If you as a member see a post that appears deserving of this award and has not yet been recognized, feel free to use the Report Post feature of that post, and in the notes simply type "Golden Ring" or something such. After review of any such reports with this suggestion, a ring may/may not be given. It is solely the choice of an administrator. Please do not spam us with requests on the same post, only one will be sufficient. Additionally, the administrators will not reply or be giving reasons for any decisions on these awards. Consider it an honor to receive a golden ring. It represents our sincerest appreciation for a post well deserved.

    Additionally, any ID staff moderator or administrator can now apply a rating to those members posts that truly represent ID and the community.

    staff_approved_shield.png Staff Appreciation (positive rating)

    Any member who receives this rating on any one post is being recognized by staff as being helpful to the community, welcoming to new guests, and otherwise positively promotes ID to the fullest. We hope to give many of these away as possible to deserving members.

    The following post ratings are for staff use on posts. While we do have a warning/ban system in place, the use of that system is very guarded and quite honestly, avoided at all costs. Sometimes a simple nudge is all that is needed, and also avoids disrupting posts from littering the threads. We are calling these Staff Nudges. If one of your posts receives one of these, please just take it as a gentle reminder of the expected community decorum and content standards already in place. Look at your post, and if it doesn't make sense to why your post received this rating, feel free to contact the staff member that applied it with a Personal Conversation (PM) with any questions you may have. To ignore these (Nudge) post ratings and continue in fashion may force staff to take further action. It is hoped that this system will be sufficient to promote proper behaviors and post standards so that we do not need to resort to more harsh actions.

    on_topic_shield.png Stay On Topic (neutral rating)

    If a post of yours receives this rating, it is just asking you to help prevent thread drift. Too many great threads are damaged by severely off-topic posts. We hope this will deter that from happening.

    watch_language_shield.png Watch Language (negative rating)

    We will now be more stringent on foul language. We wish to be a website for all types of personalities. And we will be more focused on preventing diminished communication skills that may be offensive to some members. No, this doesn't mean we have to speak like we are at church all the time. But we certainly do wish to avoid the appearance of only entertaining the late night roughneck crowds. Just be reasonable, and it will be reasonably appreciated.

    read_rules_shield.png Read Rules (negative rating)

    This is likely the one you need to heed the most. Any post that receives this rating suggests a staff member is attempting to tell you that the next step is the warning/ban process. Please understand that this is a nudge. A pointer asking to please go in the right direction.
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  2. Mark

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    stop_quotes.png Large Quotes (negative rating)

    We have not appreciated full cut-and-paste article quotes from other websites for many years. This primarily for legal reasons, as well as to prevent posts replicating lengthy posts unnecessarily. Typically we do not like to see any quote from another website that contains more than 25% of the original content, more or less. Our members need to understand the burden it puts on the website owners that have to face copyright issues from outside sources. Please respect this request if you have this rating applied to one of your posts. As far as quoting from any post here at ID, a great new feature with our new platform we are now operating on is the highlight/quote function. If you highlight any portion of text in any post, on a pc, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, a little popup occurs that allows you to insert the highlighted text directly into the post edit box with one click or tap. I use it all the time and love it. But please attempt to not quote posts in entirety unless it is a small post or necessary for the purpose of your reply. Replicating images is entirely unnecessary and server resource consuming.

    We hope the awards and nudges are beneficial to the community as a whole. Please offer any questions or comments below.

    Thank you for reading.
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  3. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    Plus some new ones for you guys,...

    popcorn.png Popcorn (positive rating)
    thanks.png Thanks (positive rating)
    facepalm.png Facepalm (positive rating)
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  4. Romani

    Romani Premium Member

  5. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    After considerable thought, as of today, all negetive connotation to the post ratings system have been disabled.

    From now on any concerns a staff member may have with a post will now be addressed directly and more personally using a Private Conversation. It is felt this is much better than tagging a post without any communications.

    Disagree and dislike remain as they are balance to their counterparts, and they give positive rating points.

    Thank you for the sincere candor regarding this @Kramer@Kramer .
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  6. Romani

    Romani Premium Member

    Can you tone the orange around the original poster

    See how the blue around the post is ?

    That type of orange

    It fits all in one line perfectly
  7. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    The blue line is a post seperator.

    The orange around the mini profiles of a poster, designates the thread opening poster, throughout the thread.
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  8. Romani

    Romani Premium Member

    Can it be lighter orange
  9. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    I will try some colors this weekend. It has to stand out on all color themes though.
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  10. Romani

    Romani Premium Member

    I LOVE the green corner for online status

    The orange takes away the modern features of the forum

    It's something on a list I wanted to ask about

    But think the items available in inventory

    Once members start playing around with it

    The orange, and forum prefix colours and member profile colours

    At this point it works
    But I would use clean colours

    The orange for quotes I got used to

    But if you choose it go faint orange
    I would stick to dif shades of blue for forum prefix

    I do like the little forum tag

    I don't know what's available to you
    The current colours for members available I only like this one

    As to OP I was thinking similar tag like the green corner but on post would be sweet

    Then again not sure or re: options

    For example it messes with my look I go for and I paid big to have it

    This puts me back in the same category with the rest you kind of don't notice the unique prof feature
  11. Romani

    Romani Premium Member

    But yes OP highlight awesome feature