Archaeology Possible Evidence Of Surviving 'fossil' Species

Discussion in 'Archaeology' started by amantine, Sep 3, 2004.

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    Possible evidence of surviving \'fossil\' species

    The article Secret Survivor describes the search of a group of scientists to find on the sea-floor a species usually thought to be extinct, Paleodictyon:

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    in dan browns book 'deception point' he talks a little bit about species in the marinas trench. and says that down there you find species that have evolved so little over thousands of years because a) there are very few other species living down there and b) the water pressure is so enormous however the gravity is less.

    how big are there plaodictyons? they aren't loch ness buig are they? lol
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    The entire network of tunnels fits in a cylinder with a diameter of 2,5 inches = 6,35 cm. Counting the holes that fit in a diameter, we see that there are about 30 holes in 6,35 cm. A single hole has a diameter of 0,21 cm.

    There are currently two theories about Paleodictyon. One is that it's a worm-like creature, about 0,2 cm wide and 2 cm long. The other is that it's a sponge-like creature that lives in the entire network of tunnels:

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    That was an amazing story and only tells you that the mysteries of the deep will explain more about life and how it evolved and those that didnt eveolved only survived without change thru time. Little discoveries like that will only bring more discoveries in the future, hopefully answering questions that we can not answer above sea level.