News @ ID Police: Pregnant Woman Fends Off And Kills Attacker

Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by Bleys, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. Bleys

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    Never underestimate the power of a pregnant woman to protect her unborn child:

    This incident follows the murder of pregnant woman in Missouri by a woman who had also convinced family and friends that she was pregnant.

    What possesses a woman to kill another woman to obtain a child? From my understanding of 3 or 4 cases over the last few years - most of these women are capable of having their own children but seek out these surrogates instead. Why?

  2. bodebliss

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    What possesses a man who kills for a few bucks a shopkeeper?

    Your human! Use your imagination. The desperation of some becomes the sorrow of others (you can quote me).
  3. helenheaven

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    It reminds me of the stories where a woman has lifted a car off a child, amazing what strength you can find when motivated enough

    The strength is in all of us to achieve remarkable things, we just need the right motivation to make those things happen....
  4. kiwirobin

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    Yeah I've hear that car story also.
    I can imagion that in such a state the mind rejects limitation.
    She probably wasn't even aware of her responce till after.

    What I don't get is how she thought to take a baby from a pregnant woman.
    What was she going to do? Give her a cesarian?

    Oh why oh why are the minds of so many so ill.
    (Not a question, just a futile outing.)
  5. Icewolf

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    Yeah it's quite scary, makes you worry if you'd be able to cope in a situation like that.
  6. Young William

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    Astounding isn't it? Capability is a very misunderstood term........