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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by junior_smith, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. junior_smith

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    Plato always argued with this one,
    he pondered what makes a bed? al beds are diferent yet we can all identify a bed yet all beds are different. plato finally decided that there ahd to be a spiritual force that told us what a bed was.

    then aristotle came along and said that there was an essence in every thing that was invisible to the eye yet still there (like if you put honey in milk, the mixture will still be white but it still has honey in it).

    so here is my question
    what is a bed?
    how can we identify a bed so easily?
  2. Zsandmann

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    That works for anything, but it is a good idea to ponder, my physics teacher in high school had a poster with four tires sitting on an empty road that said "What is a car?" On some level your brain makes the distinction.

    Is a bed a... bed of nails, a sleeping bag, a mat, a blanket on your friends couch, something you plant flowers in, the bottom of a river, a layer of similar rock (geology reference, couldnt resist), etc.
  3. tablet

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    That is a bed.
    Prove it!
    It's true. A priori...
  4. Gopher

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    Would the simple answer 'A place YOU would want to sleep' be too easy of an answer?

    Many nights over at friend's houses in college :cheers:, the floor looked comfy or the couch or a mattress. So I agree all beds may be different but the answer may lay between an individual's preference and where he/she may be willing to sleep. Look at a dog for example: A dog sleeps pretty much anywhere he/she can/wants to lay down...would you call the place he/she chooses a bed? or the place you designated it's bed?

    To me a bed must have the simple elements of comfort and cover. As long as it is comfortable enough to fall asleep and I have some type of blanket I'm good to go. I would consider that place my bed for the night.
  5. junior_smith

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    ok then gopher what happens if you fall asleep on a chair, or better yet a chair in a car is the car then a bed? is the chair then a bed?
  6. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    The true definition of a bed lies in your belief system. You will know a bed when you see one, your system will dictate.
  7. /Future Corpse/

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    The question becomes: Is an object properly defined by its current function or originally intended use? If the definition of a bed is something one sleeps on then is not everything slept on a bed or is the original label (the one slapped on it by its creator) define what it is.

    The thing to remember is that these definitions of ours are just words which represent ideas. They have no absolute truth to them because they are in fact based on individual perception. I think we could all agree that a horse may sleep on a bed of hay, but if you were told to sleep on it you would probably not consider it a 'bed of hay' but instead just 'hay' or a 'pile of hay' or a bale. We all have these predefined ideas on the normal use of objects as defining their reality in relationship to our person. So a pile of hay is considered a bed for a horse, but not a person. Is it a bed or not? From a specific perception yes it is a bed. However because it is not ALWAYS a bed, there is no Absolute Truth to the object existing as a function either predesigned or recently created. It merely exists AS WE SEE it because WE ARE THE ONES SEEING it.

    So to answer the question, any percieved object is a bed when we define it as such. However it is essensal to keep in mind that our words and definitions which represent ideas are not Absolute Truth unto themselves because they can be both true and false when viewed upon by different people in different situations.

    How's that for a first post?:roll:
  8. Seth Bullock

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    What makes a bed? I donno, mine is almost never made.

    :cool2: :cool2:

    Oh, I crack myself up!
  9. black hawk

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    There are to many types of things that can make a bed. My fingers hurt