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    This was actually posted on ATS, but no responses.

    But, this is a great subject and something that I feel would be well discussed here. Please watch the presentation and let me know your thoughts. I am at work now and cannot listen to it, but will listen and comment later. This looks VERY interesting. I have provided the link below.
    Also, read a bit about planet quest at

    This is the part of space that I love the most. This is also something that I would love to start a research on and get all information about planets and what to look for when searching for a new EARTH.
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    They are possibly talking about the fact that alot of the planets found extrasolar are jupiter sized and close in, leaving no room for the development of Earthlike condition. The only way for eventual life on earth like planets further out in these solar systems would be in the red giant stage of their star.
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    Gravitational pull, understood from our standpoint..........
    The hardest thing about watching minds' work is that you realize that development takes time and life is short.
    Personally I feel that the end of the Cold War has left "those who matter" gaping at the mouth.......
    Gain is such a manipulated word,
    Excellent Post!
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    "Gravitational pull, understood from our standpoint.........."

    oh really.... there is that theory that gravity pushes down rather than pulls down.
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    "Plastic Surgery paid for this,? Do they have any correspondence courses in plastic surgery, ....eveyone seems to be pulled toward the material..........." Y.W.