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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by tablet, Nov 21, 2004.

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    Picture vs Words

    Find an example where Picture speaks LOUDER than words and vice-versa. Here's an example (advertise I've seen out in the street, it's freaky being out in the street when you have people like Off_The_Street with his rifle :D)

    I'll sketch the picture and upload when I have time, for now I'll create the picture in your mind. Imagine there's two cards the first one is called "child" and the second one is "parent".

    The child card has a picture of the bubble or balloon (did I spell that right? Pine:Now you did :p) and the parent card has a picture of a needle.

    Now image you see the two cards right before your eyes.

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  2. pineappleupsidedown

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    Its much easier to find how a picture speaks louder than words. Just discribing something with words cant compare to actually seeing the real thing.

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    In most cases I would agree , especially with advertizing pictures that have one photo to convey and lure you to the product . I have read tons of books however that have been made into movies that are much better in book form . We would need 12 hour movies to put the descriptions that we find in books onto the screen.

    I know this is "motion"pictures that I am talking about , but take into consideration radio , and all the old shows that people needed their immaginations to bring them to life ...

    I like tablets idea about posting a picture . We could also post a description with words and then post the picture the next day to see what kind of comparrison verbal images convey . I'll look for one that I think I can describe better than the picture and post a description , and wait a bit to post the picture . We can have a poll to see what people think .

    Uv KoRse u hAv 2 B guD eT RitIn... :p
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    Yes, but also take into account that the book you spent over 12 hrs reading has been put into only 3 hours, because seeing something happen goes much faster than in words.

    The movie does not have to tell you he has a red shirt because you can see the red shirt right in front of you. Now, just because they put him in a plain red t-shirt and you imagined him in a hawaiian shirt does not mean the words told you that it was a hawaiian shirt.

    That extra detail came from your imagination, which is why it does match the movie. Of course i know some movies do not match the words in the book, but thats a different subject.

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    In training sessions I sometimes used this practise:

    have two people sit back to has a picture of something simple, ie a house, and has to describe it to the other person who draws it.

    The results can be hilarious (or disturbing), good exercise in asking the right questions and knowing how to listen..
  6. tablet

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    I Think Picture wins because... IF You read a sentence, to fully understand it you have to first convert it to images and then picture it in your mind what the sentence mean. Therefore a PICTURE communicate with the brain directly whereas WORDS communicate indirectly.

    and the speed of processing, it differ I think.

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  7. Mizar

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    Could it be in the sense that something you hear is more emotion voking than something you saw?