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    Please place any PROFESSIONAL and SCIENTIFIC resources for physics or physic-based sciences in this area.

    Do not use this thread for discussion purposes. Only add in links and a short summary of the content to expect or why you think they are good.

    DO NOT ADD ANY PAY SITES HERE. This is only for information that all can access.
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    What a great Idea ! I use and would recomend all of these , will add more as I sort out my bookmarks . End of discussion...... : News , updates , jobs : The basics behind superstring theory , advanced math , links : Feynman diagrams , simplified explainations and diagrams for quantum reactions , this one will help anyone get a grip on the basics from the father of QED : American Institute of Physics : news and current events page , good links.,12537,,00.html : Popular Science magazine : Updates , cool new stuff * edit : has to be copy/paste until the .html (mods fix please?) Brittney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics : Explains a TON . The basics , photonic crystals , optoelectronics . Nothing to do with the Brittenator , just a few picture links . Not a joke site . : How Stuff Works ! : You got your link to links to links to links right here . For the curious , or the researcher , this place is great !!
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    An excellent FREE physics textbook. Covers everything from the basics of motion to relativity and quantum mechanics. I have found it to be very well-written and thorough. It has been translated into about a dozen languages.