Physical Science Physics Looses One of its Pioneers

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    Hans Bethe, a titan of physics and conscience of science, dies at age 98

    ITHACA, N.Y. -- Nobel laureate Hans Bethe, the last of the giants of the golden age of 20th-century physics and the birth of modern atomic theory, and one of science's most universally admired figures, died quietly yesterday evening at his home in Ithaca, N.Y. He was 98.

    At his death, Bethe was emeritus professor of physics at Cornell University, the institution he joined in 1935 after fleeing #@!&% Germany because his mother was Jewish. He was one of the most honored members of the faculty in the university's 140-year history for his work in revolutionizing our perception of the real world. But he was equally admired for his reputation for integrity, humility and concern that made him the conscience of science.

    In tribute, Jeffrey S. Lehman, president of Cornell, said; "The world has lost one of the great pioneers of 20th century physics, and Cornell has lost a beloved teacher, mentor and friend. In the breadth of his insight, the rigor of his research, the depth of his social conscience and the steadfastness of his commitment to Cornell, Hans Bethe set the standard for engaged scientific citizenship that will serve as a beacon for generations to come."

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