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    Icewolf wants this thread to collect all questions regarding Telecommunications. IF you have any, please post it here.

    Note: I'm not sure if this is a good idea.. if not, maybe the Mod can merge this thread right into the Telecommunicatioins thread. This is another experiment from Icewolf and I.
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    Self Test for Physics course on Telecommunication.

    I know this is for your questions about the course but heres something to check your knowledge.

    1, When the one o’clock gun is fired from Edinburgh Castle, some of the tourists see the puff of smoke 3 seconds before they hear the bang. How far are they away from the castle?

    2, At a fireworks display, a rocket explodes 825 metres above the watching crowd. How much time will pass before they hear the bang?

    3, (a) How much time does it take for sound to travel 1km through the air?
    (b) How far will sound travel in 1 minute?

    4, During a thunderstorm, a boy measures a time delay of 6 seconds between the lightning flash and the clap of thunder.

    (a) How far away is the storm?
    (b) How could the boy tell if the storm is getting closer or further away?

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    icewolf post

    I read about an interesting theory and some experiments to build a quantum device to instantly communicate across the universe . Could a stargate be not far off?
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    Actually tab its nto a bad idea to keep it seperate cause I can see the formula or equation while i do the caculation for the question. But if the other mods dont like this idea, then, say so and one of us will move it. But I like it the way it is, more user friendly.
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    1. 990m
    2. 2.5 sec
    3. a)?
    b) 19,800m
    4. a) 6km
    b) if the claps of the thunder and lighting are shorter in laspe of time, ex. 6 sec now 5 sec a min later 4 sec 2 min later, etc

    If I am wrong correct me, I am tired and my brain isnt working quite well right, but I did try to answer. Oh and if I am wrong tell me how I was wrong or where my caculation is incorrect. Thanks