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Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by SubVolitional, Dec 21, 2004.

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    There was an article in the times today, regarding the pioneer satellites and the slowing down of their velocities after leaving our solar system, an event that suggests we'll need to reform a view or two with regards to the composition of space outside the solar system(provided the anpmaly doesn't get written off due to mechanical/human error; though the anomaly has occured in two satellites!). Here is a link, probably not the best, though I didn't search very long.

    Are our theories of gravity wrong?
    Any thoughts?
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    Lots of thoughts - but nothing that you and everyone else wouldn't laugh at.

    I noticed that when the anomoly was discovered they sought out Aerospace Corp. to validate their findings. When they were confirmed there was a rush of scientists willing to play detective.

    So while they think it's most likely explainable through system's failure there is enough doubt to get some of the biggest and brightest minds to want to investigate it.

    Wouldn't you love to be a scientist?