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Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by tablet, Jan 19, 2005.

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    What do you think? Is it possible to read an entire novel in 5 minutes? Or a dictionary under 20 minutes? I'm currently reading into this to find out if it's possible or not. So far it seems like it's possible but to me it's still mind-boggling. There's the usual way of reading and that is from left to right, the method that you were taugh in school. One word at a time. Then you have speed reading which is achieveable.

    The final is PhotoReading, it uses both the left and right hemispheres. When you photoread your body have to be in the state of relaxation and the mind in full alertness and worry-free.
  2. kiwirobin

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    Ofcourse it is possibel to train the senses to be more efficient.
    Some are gifted with a natural talent for this, others must learn through repitition.
    A novel in 5 min?
    I doubt one could absorb the info that fast. Speed reading is a technique use to EVALUATE, to get an oversight by training the brain to eliminate detail and vocus on content.
    Handy for a newspaper article but definatly takes the atmosphere out of a novel.
    I think that even with a photographic memory where you could store all the pages quickly in the archiech brain, it would take time to revue the content utilising the concious neocortex.
    The nurological connections just arn't that developed in the average person.
    Nice idee that sells well. Just like those 2 min a day fitness machines that live under so many beds.
    " there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" R.A.Heinlen
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    I don't believe in this kind of stuff - I have to see it to believe. Before watching "Inside Your Mind" I doubt that it's possible to read an entire encyclopedia in 20 minutes. But the movie I watched demostrate that it can be done. He just walked into a European (if I remmeber correctly) and know exactly the total of books on the shelf. He asked the Librarian to take any book off the shelf and he will try to photoread it then he will tell you to pick any page and he'll read you what's in that page without looking.

    An average person cannot do this, I know I can't because my mind is wired differently so are most of you. I'm reading into this to find out and see if it's really really possible or it's just another big Hoax by a magician, but I doubt that it's a hoax because his other demostration makes it believeable and logical and the movie is a documentary...
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    If I read a book and it has my attention, I can speed read it quickly. I use to read alot when i was younger, and even now I can read pretty fast, if I am entrapped, of course I start out slow but then I notice myself speeding up and going thru pages quickly. I use ttime myself like for example I want to read say 60 pg in the next hour. By the end of the hr I may have read between 90-120, just depends. But if its a book of like say knowledge, ex. biology, no way, need everything I read to understand it.

    You can train your senses to do those things. But it takes time it isnt somehting that can be achieved in days, but over time. Now if I could read the dictionary, all of it, in my lifetime, thats a major accomplishment, but in 20 min, no way i would forget 99% of the words.