Sociology Peer-pressure: A turn for the worse

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    Although the article posted above is only one example of peer pressure, anyone can contest for themselves that the peer pressure of yesteryear was not nearly as dangerous as that of today, in todays society. As we are exposed more and more to violence and such, we see people trying to immitate Jackass. Is peer pressure good? Is it bad? I would say bad for the most part, although it does supplement learning by the ones who fall victim from it and survive. Not all peer pressure results in negative consequences, but peer pressure is inherently negative, as it is a force acting against a persons free will to choose.
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    Depends on how you look at it. For the most part yes.... But, I will take the positive side... ;)

    I workout with a few friends. Peer pressure gets each one of us out of bed and into the gym and keeps us motivated throughout.

    When my daughter skates and only feels like playing for the day, her friends use peer pressure to start practicing. Not bullying, but pushing her a bit to do it. She then joins in and has a great time while practicing.

    When studying for certifications, peer pressure keeps us trying harder as we do not want to be left behind or hear it from the others.

    Depending on how it is applied, it can be very positive.
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    im a teen in high school and i see kids falling into it all the time. I developed a sense of morals and beliefs that i stand up for and truly believe in so its quite hard for me to surcome into peer preassure. It naturally upsets me to see my peers fall eaisly because they havent developed a "personality" of that sort. butt there are a good bit of kids that have realized the importance of this and are well off. uforunatly sometimes we all fall into it ourselves by being riduculed for the way we act and think. this sometimes drives us top dothings against our beliefs and really angers ome of us.

    the basic point im making is we cant escape peer preassure it get s to us all at some time
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    Peer pressure, like many of you said, can be a postive thing. However, as a teen in high school, i know for a fact that senioritis is a contagious disease. If nobody slacked near the end of the year, a person would feel out of place and start doing their work.

    I dont see much direct peer pressure though. I know people that do drugs or whatever, and they will offer to let me join them, but when i say no that doesnt mean they shun me, they just dont invite me to things i wouldnt want to go to anyways.

    There are people though that will adopt the habits of a friend to try and fit in better, due to their insecuritys. But that is not nessarily the friends fault.

    Yes there are bullys who ridicule my friends and I. But that isnt "Peer Pressure" These people are not my peers. they are my foes. I think a fight against bullying would be as much better goal than to fight against peer pressure.