Metaphysics Peace or too much power?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Ape, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Ape

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    Ok now look at Alexander the great and his father they wanted to untite Persia, Greece, and Macedonia. Now he wanted to do this cause they were all the leading powers of the world (or something) and would u agree that other than three smaller powers fighting each other one huge super power working together is better? Well thats what he tried to do. Now what if someone wanted to do this now-a-days? Would it be benificial? Can anyone shed light on what the pros and cons will be? And how would someone go about it? I believe it would be the best thing that happened to the world. Like a U.N.E. United Nations of Earth. I know some believe the world is fine how it is but really this is probibly going to happen in the near future so y wait. Deni the inevitable (spelling) I mean look at the USA, a bunch of different cultures bunched together to make the strongest military force in the world. Think about it each "nation" of this UNE would be governed by different groups o people (same gov) but the strenght of that nation would be multiplied. Start small than build on. So again I ask you Would it be benificial? Can anyone shed light on what the pros and cons will be? And how would someone go about it? and would this promote peace or would it give this country or whatever u want to call it too much power?

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  2. invader_chris

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    Its too much power. It's like in 1984. Oceania was able to control billions of people because they were a consolidated power of USA, England, ect.
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    march for peace, then let the mainstream media know they can't sell their product if no one believes they are reporting 'the news'

    My point is that in order to 'fight' power, you need transparency.
  4. _Angel_1991

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    When yu unite a bunch of countries into one superpower, if one person has control of this, that person can do ANYTHING they want. That is bad. That is too much of a temptation.
    Remember...Power Corrupts.
  5. Ape

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    The way I pictured it the different "nations" would have their own democratic government-like thing governed by the politicians. but each one tied together to make one huge Democracy with one president serving for 4 years. So each would be seperate but protected by the same military and pretty much the same country. Kind of like Japan and Puerto Rico arent part of the U.S (there like provinces) but the U.N.E I'm talking about would be closer than that of P.R. and Japan. You see what I'm tring to say? Unite slowly not control slowly.

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  6. helenheaven

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    Japan is not a province of the USA, it is a self governing independant nation.

    Puerto Rico is a is a self-governing commonwealth in association with the United States. Two quite separate things!

    Over the past 100 years many nations have regained independance after having been "colonised". I think the opposite of what you are saying is the reality...think Zimbabwae, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, India, the states that used to be the USSR, many, many nations have broken away from the larger grouping they once had.

    I think this is a good thing. Nations are defined by their people, not by geography.

    New Zealand is often called the eighth state of Australia, but their cultures are too different to ever become one nation.

    The United States does dictate to the world, anyone living outside of the USA knows what a bully the governence of the USA can be. It is a prime example of wielding too much power.
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    thanks, so do u believe we should continue how were going or what would you change?
  8. Ape

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    but the U.S protect Japan and P.R with there military right?
  9. Ape

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    Ok Helen or someone help me out how could u help the world in a huge way? All I was focusing on was more of a population so there would be more tax payers and more money the government could use to fuel projects of space exploration and other experiments having to do with grond breaking science work. I believe thats what every person should be doing, making the world better in every way imaginable. And while doing this enlighten the world to not proceed with their mind but see with their eyes. (I'm sounding like a hippy again :bnghd: ) But do u understand what I want? So how do u think one would go about this goal?
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  10. mscbkc070904

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    Awokenmind, Japan has a Self Defense Force (SDF). It a military, but not to the scale it use to have pre-WWII. That was one of the agreements made at the Treaty signing, since then they have a defense force which is much like their National Guard except they are more glorified.

    Puerto Rico has the National Guard as their military, hence they are a territory of the US. But its the US National Guard.

    As far as your last post on focusing population for science projects and work, well, sorry until we all can somewhat come to an agreement on life on earth as a whole, its not going to happen. Even if the Earth was in such turmoil and edge of complete path of irreversible destruction, we would still have problems within, cause someone would still want power to control all things, control the people with ideology, you gain popularity, then funding then defense force then attack weaker nations or provinces for...

    I need to shut up, startign to sound like conspiracy and its not. Forgive me on that.
  11. ncbrian211

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    a united world

    It will never happen in any near future, or even in my toddler sons lifetime. To unite the world you would have to first stop everyones indifferent thoughts of how the world should be and then unite them under one government. I dont know... just look at the U.N., an organization trying to protect and keep peace in a majority of the nations in the world. Is it working not really, scandals and lies plague this organization. If mankind cannot even keep this right how could we do this on even a greater scale of telling every country how it would be and keeping them all equal with each other. It would be hard and I dont think we have the resources and countrys willing to do this today. And on another thought if the world was controlled by on gov. why would we need a military? to fight against who? A police force would sound more logical. there are many people saying it is going to happen, like the belief in the NWO, but think are we ready for this as a whole world or is it just a dream of Americans thinking we can control everything.
  12. junior_smith

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    i think im one of the only people in the world who thinks war is a good thing, well not good but a nessecary evil, peace gives too much power to some, and the population gets over populated, the problemnow is that the weapons we have would destroy the planet.
  13. marg6043

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    PR, can not survived without US monetary assistance, PR doesn't produce anything by itself that would maintain an economy on its own.

    Also we are a territory and the Commonwealth sounds better than colony.

    Yes we have a national guard and the military is US military. We also has a lot of drug traffic from south America and a lot of illegal migration from Cuba, Santo Domingo, Jamaica and Haiti.

    See we always refer to PR as the easiest door to the US.
  14. devilwasp

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    We need to learn to shut up and agree...
    And mabye not be so paraniod about each other.
  15. oddtodd

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    Or agree to shut up and work on the root of the problem !
  16. devilwasp

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    Lol, yeah.
    Wish we could actually to agree on something lol.
  17. blue

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    well helen, if we weilded so much power as to enforce our veiw on the rest of the world- i sure wish we would use it. 9 times out of ten we get sucked into other peoples problems and then get blamed for all the ills in the world.Don't get me wrong- if we wished to force our way on others we certainly could have, the rest of the world should be thankfull that we never have had the same designs on the world as say, victorian england- napolianic france- #@!&% germany- tojo japan- stalinist russia- or red china. As for the origanal questian, it has been triied before- it was called pax romana./ lasted awhile, but human nature seeks to define itself by religiou or nationalist or culturistic or linguistic differances and one always seeks to feel superior to the rest. causes to much friction and they usually end up feeding upon themselves. So never fear all of you who hold some kind of hatred for america- eventually we to shall pass into existance. I just hope you like who replaces us- because someone shall- purhaps north korea? or china? if so, don't name anyplace tiannamien square