Sociology Pay up, you're being watched

Discussion in 'Sociology' started by mscbkc070904, Mar 17, 2005.

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    Pay up, you\'re being watched

    This article says it all and its true when you have someone watching you, you do tend to give more, just because of guilt or think in your mine they probably gave more than you did. And now the NEW technique to suck your pockets dry.

  2. Bleys

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    :puz: I don't know what to think about this........I hate better manipulation through physchology - although with the IRS you expect it, but there is something very tacky about it coming from a charity. I don't know if I'd give to someone who employed such methods.

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    IF we're honest and open there's nothing to be afraid of. IF you get low paying in your job, I think 5 or 10 dollar is good enough? Nothing to be ashame of.

    Anyone here remember a story told in the bible about a woman who give very little but it's all she turned out that she was the one that gave the most.