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    I have never smoked,never will. As far as i am concerned anyone who starts up these days deserves what they get.We have known for long enough now the dangers of smoking and i have had to put up with this #@!&% for long enough....And believe me being a musician working in pubs and clubs the sooner they ban it the better..

    "Dont Ban it in Public you cry" ok how about we set up little rooms called "cancer cells"for those who cant do without.

    i enjoy playing music and doing what i do apart from that side of it..but i dont get a say in it ,somebody lights up, they enjoy it and i have to put up with it.

    you want to die fine,your choice. Dont take me with you.

    Another Question that this raises... Euthanasia.
    Woah we cant have that. the governments cry but they are quite happy to let us purchase items that have been known to kill us for the last 20 - 30 years because of the tax revenue...
    be nice to see somebody in politics withs balls stand up and tell the truth for a cha......oh hang on politicians,truth...haha......sorry....

    One last thought.....I have often wondered how a person would feel watching their mother or father wiping saliva away from a hole in their throat while trying to croak a few lines.

    I realise that there will be a lot of smokers that read this post and i would like to see an honest response from both sides of the fence about smoking in public.

    Look forward to your reply..

    ut :cool::cool::cool: