News @ ID Pakistani court: Acquittal of woman's rapists illegal

Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by Bleys, Mar 12, 2005.

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    Pakistani court: Acquittal of woman\'s rapists illegal

    As a hater of all things Sharia related this ruling by Pakistan's highest Islamic Court gives me hope that times are a changin' and my criticisms may need to be tempered.

    For those who aren't familiar with the back story - the woman's 13 year old brother allegedly had an affair with a woman from another family (more prominent than her own) and as punishment 6 men were allowed to rape her to restore the other family's honor. However, Mukhtar alleges that men from that family actually molested her brother and then made the accusation to cover up their own deed.

    I'd like to think that the Shariat Courts will give every case that comes before them such attention, but the jury is still out - these men will still be allowed before the high court and may still be acquited. I would love for this woman to get the justice she deserves for the indignity she has been forced to endure and I won't soon forget her.

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    I can not believe the Shariat Courts are even debating this! I dont have enough knowledge about the Sharia, but to do that, NO WAY. That is against all principles of teaching, the elders that ordered this to be done, should be on trial as well.

    And for those who dont know much about middle eastern cultures and I mean no offense to those who are of that culture, but molestation and homosexuality thrives there, they WONT tell you it does, for its frowned upon, but it does happen alot.

    How do I know this, you might ask, well I was in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as other countries in the Middle East and stuff like this happens all the time and when a young man resist when it does occur, they are severly beaten or family is threatened, like for instance what happen to this woman. And for this woman to be done like this, she can never be married, EVER, in her country or any other country under similar laws, they didnt just rape her, they took EVERYTHING from her.

    Law states, a woman is eligible for marriage at age 16, if she is not married by 26, there is something wrong with her and she will never be married. And if a woman has had sex out of wedlock, she will never be married, cause she is considered dirty. This is only true if where they reside or the family follows the law to the T. And a woman who has sex out of wedlock, can be still to this day, stoned.

    Men in these cultures have it made, they can do anything they pratically want, as long as its in the good graces of the tribe, country, region or what have you and by the law of course.

    I hope they hang them all for what they did and the elders that ordered such blasphemy.
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    That's really awful. I've always been very sensitive on the topic. I personally think, a rape is about the worst thing that can ever happen to a woman, even worse than a murder. I have been even thinking that the punishment should generally be much higher for this kind of offenses.
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    Wow! The story is very sad and it just highlights the value of the rich and the poor in society.
    It is also very interesting considering how the western world deals with rape cases. This story almost seems like a joke (through the western perception) (why? Because here rape is so common and the sentence is absolutely ridiculous.) I think people who decide to commit rape or any such atrocity against the innocent deserve a severe punishment.. even if it means the death penalty… our tax dollars are spent accommodating these prisoners and providing them with therapy because they are considered to abnormal! Now that is absurd!
    Oh wait then they are apparently cured from their abnormality and put back into society only for it to happen again!:ban: