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Discussion in 'Sociology' started by tablet, Mar 19, 2005.

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    What happen to a child when you overprotect them? I heard bad thing can result. What are you thought on this? Is it a good thing?
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    That depends on the structure of the family cullture, the demographics of where the child is raised, the atmosphere of the home offense tablet, but its broad due to the fact that one area it might be a bad thing and in another the safest thing to do.
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    My landlords over protect their 9 year old son , no playing with most other kids who are believed to be bad influences , no bicycle , no decision making capabilities of his own , overweight , straight home after school to the video games , he hides in his room for hours at a time , never outdoors , no social skills other than "let me ask my mom" .

    He is very good at school and described as a role model by his teachers but I think it is more likely that he is a teachers pet and a bit of an outcast .

    Sometimes I hear him crying upstairs when I know he has been in his room alone for a while .

    He's been getting a little sassy lately and I don't know if he is fighting back , "at that age" , or just losing it.....

    Moms of younger boys , what's your take ?
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    Actually, it's a pretty serious problem. Overprotection is as serious as lack of discipline. I had a friend who was 18, still had to ask his parents to go out. They had some sort of wierd death grip on him. They controlled almost all hsi time.

    Seriously damaged, that one. Total lack of independence.

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    I re-read Angels and Demons to help with that #%!!**%!! game and there was a good page about God and parents protecting thier children and why is there suffering from a benevolent god .

    It went something like : " You would let your child skateboard even though he might get hurt doing it ?"

    -" Yes , pain and suffering are part of how we learn ."

    " My point exactly..."
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    My parents are very over protective… but I have turned out okay..I think… I have no problems socializing etc..! When I say over protected .. I mean my parents calling me every hour asking me if I am okay (when I am home alone).. or my dad constantly telling me not to open the door or not to use the stove! lol… I am the baby of the family.. I understand why parents act like that.. but sometimes it seems that I have been shielded so much from all the cruel acts that people commit and all the bad stuff around the world.. that its harder for me to accept them or understand why!:oops:
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    Protection of a child is like everything in life. There is a balance. If you lean to much in one direction you will fall lean too much in the other you will fall. A balance must be met.
    Overprotectionof the child can cause them to miss out on experinceing the real world when they are a child nad their veiws and morals and valuse of the world are being shaped. When the child finally comes to see the real world outside of the protection of the parents its not what they thought and not what they saw on TV. The effects of this can lead to depression and a psycholigical meltdown or a hatred for the parents.

    Underpriotection of the child is just as bad. The child realizes the world and sometimes cannot cope with it. When the problems arise the parents do not see what to do because they are apethetic for the protection of the child the child fareing for themselves can be brought to desperate measures or may just give up on life.

    You can see how the protection hangs in a balance of the two.
    If you want to stay fit and really healthy you have to have a balance of fruits and meats the vitimans and protiens. There is a balance

    In school you need a balance of work and play so that way you can relax and still do good. Play too much you fail work too much you don't live.

    Relgion. Believe to much you impose your beliefs on everyone believe to little you may feel a loss in your life.

    BALANCE its the key to everything...
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    Yes, there is a balance in everything. Over protection is not good, but so is under protection. As long as I lived under my parents house, I had to follow their rules and let them know where I was goind and what time I would return. I had discipline and could not have gotten away with how much most kids get away with now. But, I think that everything that my parents did was the correct way and they were right in their balance. We were free to make alot of choices, but we were also made to take responsibilty for those choices as well. My parents set rules and we lived within them. But, I can say from what I see that they were more restrictive that most kids get these days.

    There is a problem in Japan about parents coddling their children too much. Many of these kids grow up spoiled as they have been over protected from their parents and their parents took care of all their problems for them. So, when they hit the REAL world, there is no one left to sort things out and so they become defensive and unable to deal with alot of the rules and pressures that REAL work put on them.

    Balance is the key... good rules, enough freedom to make some choices, responsibilites given, and integrity instilled is the main key that I see.
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    Yes it can be a big problem because i think that people learn more from the mistakes that come about from the choices they make. If you take away the choice then you not only limit the experiences one can have, but you take away your responsibility for the actions and shifting the blame and not learning from the mistakes will become common in the person